Community Disaster Preparedness Coalition

PERLC Competencies

This training program is developed to meet the following CDC Public Health Preparedness and Response Core Competencies:

  • Model Leadership:
    1. Solve problems under emergency conditions
    2. Facilitate collaboration with internal and external emergency response partners.
    3. Act within the scope of one’s legal authority.
  • Communicate and Manage Information:
    1. Manage information related to an emergency.
    2. Report information potentially relevant to the identification and control of an emergency through the chain of command.
  • Plan for and Improve Practice:
    1. Contribute expertise to the development of emergency plans.
    2. Participate in improving the organization’s capacities (including, but not limited to programs, plans, policies, laws, and workforce training).
    3. Refer matters outside of one’s scope of legal authority through the chain of command.