Our Team

Dr. Jennifer Marshall Principal Investigator, Lead Evaluator

Pam Birriel Project Coordinator

Rema Ramakrishnan Graduate Research Associate Data Analyst

Ngozi Agu Graduate Research Associate, Mental Health & Family Violence

Esther Jean-Baptiste Graduate Research Assistant

Abimbola Michael Asalu Graduate Research Assistant

Dr. Takudzwa Sayi Postdoctoral Research Associate

Kimberly Hailey Graduate Research Assistant

Omotola Balogun Graduate Research Assistant

Amita Patil Research Assistant

Oluyemisi Amoda Research Assistant

Carolyn Heeraman Graduate Research Assistant

Dr. Connie Walker Research Associate, Data Linkage

Dr. Lana Yampolskaya Faculty Consultant, Data Linkage

Dr. Sheri Eisert Faculty Consultant, Return on Investment Study

Dr. Bill Sappenfield Faculty Consultant, Data Linkage

Dr. Marti Coulter Faculty Consultant, MCH and Family Violence

Dr. Lianne Estefan Co-Principal Investigator, Faculty Consultant

Dr. Elizabeth Baker Faculty Consultant, Collaboration Study

Dr. Vicki Phares Faculty Consultant, Mental Health

Dr. Alison Salloum Faculty Consultant, Mental Health

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