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- Vision
- Mission
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- Goals

Governance and Structure
- Steering Committee
- Leadership Team
- Subcommittees - Confidentiality
- Amendments

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- Current Charter Members
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Past Projects
- March of Dimes Big 5 Project: Reducing Non-Medically Indicated Deliveries (NMID) <39 Weeks
- Neonatal Catheter Associated Blood Stream Infections (NCABSI)

Current Projects
- Obstetric Hemorrhage Initiative (OHI)
- The Golden Hour Part I: Delivery Room Management
- Early Elective Deliveries (EED) in Florida
- Quality Indicators Project

Proposed Projects
- Antenatal Steroids
- Hypertension in Pregnancy
- Golden Hour Part II
- Neonatal Growth and Nutrition

- Calendar
- Annual Conference
- Subcommittees’ Meetings
- Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative: Exhibiting
- Other Conferences/Meetings

- MOD <39 Weeks Toolkit
- MOD 39+ Weeks QI Scheduling Form
- 39 Weeks Prematurity Awareness Module
- MOD 2012 Premature Births: National Report Card
- MOD 2012 Premature Births: Florida Report Card
- Less than 39 Weeks Adverse Outcomes Annotations
- Joint Commission Guidelines on Elective Delivery
- IHI “How-to-Guide: Prevent Obstetrical Adverse Events”
- OB COAP Article: “What is Measured Improves”
- FPQC Grand Rounds on NMID <39 Weeks Flyer
- Summer FPQC Literature E-Bulletin on NMID <39 Weeks
- Fall FPQC Literature E-Bulletin on NMID <39 Weeks
- FPQC Tools for Dialogue with Patients about NMID <39 Weeks
- FPQC Sample Individual Hospital Data Birth Registry Report
- How to Request Individual Hospital Data Birth Registry Report

- FPQC 2012 Draft Charter
- FPQC 2011 Strategic Plan
- FPQC Overview Flyer
- FPQC Newsletter #1
- FPQC Newsletter #2
- FPQC Newsletter #3
- FPQC Membership Flyer
- FPQC 2013 Conference Brochure
- USF Health's Morsani COM Dean Klasko on the FPQC Video
- Lawton and Rhea Chiles Center for Healthy Mothers and Babies Overview Flyer
- USF Unstoppable: The Lawton and Rhea Chiles Center Video
- News Archive
- Newsletter Registration

Helpful Links
- Collaboratives - Local Organizations - State Organizations - National Organizations FAQ
- What is the FPQC?
- Why was the FPQC formed?
- What are quality improvement (QI) initiatives?
- What are the goals of the FPQC?
- Where can I find the FPQC’s charter?
- Who can participate in the FPQC?
- What are the FPQC’s Subcommittees?
- How do I join a Subcommittee?
- Are there any current exploratory Project Teams?
- How do I become a member of the FPQC?
- Who are the current, major supporters of the FPQC?

Patient Education

Helpful Links
- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): “Infants and Toddlers (Ages 0-3)”
- Childbirth Connection: “For Women”
- Floridashealth.com: “Infant, Maternal and Reproductive Unit”
- FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration “For Consumers: Pregnancy”
- Healthcare.gov: “Pregnant Women and the Affordable Care Act”
- KidsHealth from Nemours: “Pregnancy & Newborn Center”
- March of Dimes
- Mayo Clinic: “Infant and Toddler Health”
- Medline Plus: “Infant and Newborn Care”
- Medline Plus: “Pregnancy”
- National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD): “Infant Health”
- National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD): “Pregnancy”
- text4baby
- Think 39 Weeks
- Womenshealth.gov: “Pregnancy”

Contact Us

Contact Information
Primary Business Address

John S. Curran, MD
William M. Sappenfield, MD, MPH
Linda A. Detman, PhD
Emily A. Bronson, MA, MPH
Bobbi Rose, MA, MPH

Humberto Lopez Castillo, MD, M.Ed, MSc
Lindsay Womack, MPH

Nicole Falk Smith, MA
Randal J. McCallian, CLC, CD(DONA)

Clinical Consultants
Maya Balakrishnan, MD
Douglas E. Hardy, MD
Karen E. Harris, MD, MPH
Washington C. Hill, MD, FACOG
Judette M. Louis, MD, MPH
Annette Phelps, ARNP, MSN
Jerome Yankowitz, MD
Robert W. Yelverton, MD

Other Consultants
Carol Brady, MA
Sally Forsberg, RNC, BSN, MBA, NEA-RC, CPHQ, CPC-H
Lori Reeves, MPH
Kim Streit, FACHE, MBA, MHS


FPQC is 2016 Outstanding Organization
John Curran QI Award
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