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Perinatal Quality Indicators System


The FPQC invites all Florida delivery hospitals to participate in the new Perinatal Indicator System.

This initiative is geared towards supporting hospital quality improvement efforts by providing hospital-specific quarterly reports of perinatal indicators and corresponding data quality reports.

An initial package of 6 perinatal QI indicators has been developed using existing state administrative data sets, including maternal hospital discharge records and birth certificates.

Indicators were chosen and adapted from measures provided by leading national groups such as the Joint Commission, the National Quality Forum, the Vermont Oxford Network, the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, and the Leapfrog Group.


This system is being offered to all Florida delivery hospitals at no charge. Hospitals may enroll at any time on a rolling basis.

Invitation to Enroll and Commitment Form


Hospitals who would like to participate will receive:

  • Historic (2004-2013) reports for the initial 6 perinatal QI indicators (NTSV cesareans, non-medically indicated early deliveries, failed induction of labor, severe maternal morbidity, antenatal corticosteroid use, and unexpected complications of the newborn)
  • Brief training modules on the data for hospital liaison
  • Updated quarterly reports for 6 indicators and new ones from 2014 and on
  • Data quality reports in a score card format
  • Support from the FPQC for the QI efforts resulting from your data

Hospitals who would like to participate will be required to commit to:

  • Complete two brief online training modules
  • Complete two brief follow-up e-mails per year
  • Work on one quality improvement project identified from your data in your hospital with support from the FPQC

Hospitals will not be submitting any data to the FPQC.

For more information on the System, please view the materials and FAQ below.


    • FAQ

      Q: Do hospitals submit data to the FPQC? Where does the data come from?

      A: No, hospitals do not submit data to the FPQC. Data used for the indicators comes birth certificate and inpatient hospital discharge data. Birth certificate data is provided by the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) and inpatient hospital discharge data is provided to the FPQC by the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA).

      Q: Are we responsible for reviewing our quarterly data reports and identifying areas for improvement?

      A: Yes, as part of this initiative, your hospital is committing to reviewing reports and identifying areas for improvement. Your hospital should identify a quality improvement project related to the perinatal indicators.

      Q: Are these the only six indicators?

      A: Currently, hospitals will be provided with these six initial indicators. However, new indicators are being developed continuously. There is potential for many additional perinatal indicators; California has more than 40 indicators.

      Q: How timely are the Quality Indicator reports we would receive?

      A: Your hospital will receive Quality Indicator reports quarterly with the most recent data available. The timeliness of the data will depend on the specific indicators and the data sources used to measure the indicator. Some indicators will be three months behind while others may six months behind or more.

      Q: What kind of assistance will the FPQC provide for Perinatal Indicator hospitals?

      A: The FPQC team is glad to help you interpret your data reports, improve your data quality, identify an area for improvement in patient safety, and refer you to resources to help your hospital implement a quality improvement project.



      If you missed our informational webinar on this new System, you may download the recording and slides here.

      Contact FPQC@health.usf.edu with any questions.



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