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Perinatal Quality Improvement Symposia

Learn to Apply TeamSTEPPS methods to your quality improvement projects in maternal and neonatal care. Download the flyer for more information.

May 2, 2014: Wellington, FL - Register here.

May 30, 2014: Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Register here.



Third Annual Conference: April 3 - 4, 2014

The Third Annual Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative Conference, held on April 3 and 4, 2014, attracted more than 200 attendees from all over the state from a variety of disciplines. Plenary sessions by nationally recognized speakers covered the topics of patient safety in obstetrics, family-centered care in the neonatal intensive care unit, California's hospital quality measurement initiative, social determinants of birth outcome disadvantages, healthcare reform's impact on perinatal care, and growth in preterm infants, appealing to a wide variety of attendees from both neonatal and maternity care.

Attendees participated in break-out sessions on eight different topics, including neonatal abstinence syndrome, obstetric hemorrhage, preeclampsia and eclampsia, neonatal nutrition and growth, antenatal steroids, and more. These sessions provided the opportunity for sharing experiences, discussion, and exploration of new areas of perinatal quality improvement. Additionally, this year's conference featured awards for the best poster from our poster session in which hospitals and organizations shared their obstetric and neonatal quality improvement initiatives and research.

The FPQC has received overwhelmingly positive reviews of the Third Annual Conference, and the increase in attendance from last year emphasized the growing interest in the Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative.

For the 2014 Conference materials, please click here.


Second Annual Conference: March 2013

Overview, Materials and Presentations

We at the Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative were extremely pleased with the turnout for our Second Annual Conference in March. In fact, participation from our stakeholders increased by almost 40% over last year's Conference. What a remarkable sign that Florida's perinatal practitioners and proponents are supporting our initiatives to improve the health outcomes of mothers and babies through evidence-based practices!

For those who were unable to attend, we received tremendous feedback from attendees on the presentations by our nationally esteemed speakers. Topics included detailed information on The Joint Commission's new required perinatal core measures, California's QI protocol for antenatal steroids in women threatening preterm delivery, methods to sustain a state perinatal quality collaborative, Ohio's best practices for progesterone to prevent preterm birth in singleton pregnancies and strategies for implementing exclusive breast milk feeding at maternity facilities. In addition to our own update and panel on the FPQC's current neonatal catheter associated bloodstream infection (NCABSI) initiative, we offered attendees break-out sessions (peer-to-peer discussions) on critical topics - such as neonatal abstinence syndrome and early elective deliveries - so they could share their specific facility's experiences and systems. Finally, more than twenty hospitals and organizations shared posters on their individual obstetric and neonatal QI initiatives taking place.

Attendees came from all over the state and from multiple disciplines and professions so the Conference served as an outstanding platform for peer networking. Due to the Conference's success, we already are starting to plan next year's Conference and hope to deliver the same high-quality learning and networking environment.

For the 2013 Conference materials, please click here.

For the taped presentation on "Antenatal Steroids" by Jeffrey B. Gould, MD, MPH, California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative, please click here.

For the taped presentation on "Statewide Progesterone Project" by Jay D. Iams, MD, Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative, please click here.

For the taped presentation on "Sustainable Perinatal Quality Collaboratives: Opportunities and Challenges" by Jeffrey B. Gould, MD, MPH, California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative, please click here.

Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative Subcommittee Meetings

The Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative includes three Subcommittees – the Maternal Health Advisory Subcommittee, the Infant Health Advisory Subcommittee and the Data Advisory Subcommittee. All of these Subcommittees will meet individually as teams twice a year to discuss the status, updates and next steps for current and ongoing proposed projects. These meetings will also be used to determine future issues to be explored to achieve the FPQC’s vision for high-quality, evidence-based perinatal care. Individual project teams from these Subcommittees may meet more frequently and/or conduct regular conference calls.

Maternal Health Advisory Subcommittee Meetings

Coming Soon

Infant Health Advisory Subcommittee Meetings

Annual Neonatal-Focused Meeting for Florida's Current Level III and Level II NICUs:
On September 27, 2013, the Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative held its annual Infant Health Advisory Subcommittee meeting for Florida’s Level III and Level II NICUs. With teams of representatives from 26 NICUs statewide, the meeting served as an excellent platform for centers to network and to learn about what other centers currently are implementing as QI initiatives within their own facilities. In addition, the FPQC updated these stakeholders on the status of our neonatal catheter associated blood stream infections (NCABSI) initiative, the launch of our new Golden Hour Part I: Delivery Room Management initiative and Florida’s challenges and opportunities presented by the Department of Health’s new task force on neonatal abstinence syndrome. To learn more about the meeting, please click here.

For the meeting's presentations, please see below. 

FPQC and Golden Hour Part I: Delivery Room Management

NAS and FPQC: Reflections after the State Ad Hoc NAS Advisory Committee

NCABSI Update August 2013

To view attending centers' storyboards, please click here.

Data Advisory Subcommittee Meetings

Coming Soon

How to Join a Subcommittee

We encourage collaboration and information sharing amongst our different stakeholders from physicians to nurses and advocates to payers and promote this inter-professional approach within our Subcommittees. If you are interested in becoming a member of one of the Subcommittees listed above, please email fpqc@health.usf.edu with your full name, profession, affiliation and the Subcommittee you would like to join.

Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative: Exhibiting

The Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative supports our Charter Members and other organizations who share our vision for improving the health outcomes of Florida’s mothers and babies through high quality evidence-based perinatal care. To collaborate with these organizations and increase our visibility, the FPQC will exhibit periodically throughout the year at some of their annual Conferences.

Where the FPQC is Exhibiting

Coming Soon

Other Organizations’ Conferences and Meetings

To support our participants, the Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative has created a list of relevant external Conferences and Meetings as an integrated, one-stop resource to meet their specific needs.

Apr. 23-26:
11th National Advanced Practice Neonatal Nurses Conference
Honolulu, HI
Apr. 25-26:
Florida Lactation Consultant Association Conference
Daytona Beach, FL
Apr. 26-30:
62nd Annual Clinical Meeting of ACOG
Chicago, IL
Apr. 30-May 3:
32nd Annual National Conference of Neonatal Nursing
Las Vegas, NV
May 13-17:
American College of Nurse-Midwives 59th Annual Meeting and Exhibition
Denver, CO
May 14-16:
U.S. Nationwide Children's Hospital Perinatal/Neonatal Conference 2014
Dublin, OH
Jun. 14-18:

AWHONN 2014 Annual Convention
Orlando, FL

Aug. 15-17:

Nov. 20-22:

ACOG District XII Annual Meeting

The World Symposium of Perinatal Medicine 2014
San Diego, CA

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