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    • Obstetric Hemorrhage Initiative (OHI)

      Obstetric Hemorrhage Initiative (OHI)

      In order to address Florida's pregnancy-related mortality, the FPQC has convened a group of maternal health, public health and quality improvement leaders to work on a maternal mortality prevention initiative. The group has developed a Florida quality improvement Obstetric Hemorrhage Initiative (OHI) to address one of the largest and most preventable causes of maternal mortality in Florida. 

    • The Golden Hour Part I: Delivery Room Management

      The Golden Hour Part I: Delivery Room Management

      The FPQC has launched a new quality improvement initiative addressing the transition from fetal to neonatal life of newborns with a gestational age less than 30 6/7 weeks or birth weight less than 1500 grams. The first phase of this QI initiative will focus on the effects of Delivery Room management practices - including teamwork, thermoregulation, oxygen administration and delayed cord clamping.

    • Early Elective Deliveries (EED)

      Early Elective Deliveries (EED)

      With the success of its partnership in the March of Dimes (MOD) 2011 Big 5 Project to reduce non-medically indicated deliveries <39 weeks gestation, the FPQC has expanded this initiative to more Florida hospitals by continuing to work with the MOD and the Florida Hospital Association (FHA) through the Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) Hospital Engagement Network (HEN). The three organizations are using the toolkit from the MOD Big 5 Project to assist participating hospitals in reducing early elective deliveries (EED). In order to sustain change in attitudes and practices of providers, payers and policymakers, this initiative also includes a three-year coordinated educational and communications campaign regarding the improtance of the last weeks of pregnancy.

    • Neonatal Catheter Associated Blood Stream Infection (NCABSI)

      Neonatal Catheter Associated Blood Stream Infection (NCABSI)

      During Phase I of the FPQC's first newborn quality improvement initiative - Neonatal Catheter Associated Blood Stream Infection (NCABSI) - in collaboration with eight other states, Florida's participating NICUs demonstrated a 77% reduction in the state's central line associated infection rate. Due to the success of Phase I of this initiative, the FPQC decided to continue its participation in Phase 2 with the goal of maintaining the gains achieved in Phase I and expanding the action plans to more NICUs throughout Florida. 



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