School-Based Outreach Initiative


Florida Covering Kids & FamiliesFlorida Healthy Kids Corporation in conjunction with Florida Covering Kids & Families provides oversight to two School-Based Pilot Projects. Schools are a natural partner for this type of outreach because they are viewed as trusted institutions that communicate credibility to families. Currently we have two school-based application assistance sites that also provide outreach to their school communities. The partners include Miami-Dade County School District and Leon County School District.

This partnership relies on the premise of reaching families where their children are located daily, at school. These sites target families with eligible children using strategies and data including report card messaging, free and reduced lunch forms and their Emergency Medical Information Cards.

If you are interested in learning more about the School-Based Pilot Project with Florida Covering Kids & Families please contact our Florida KidCare School-Based Outreach Manager, Rosemarie Sledge, at

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