Application Process

The steps below outline the application process for the Dietetic Internship. Before starting these applications, we recommend that you complete the following checklist:

  • Obtain student copies of your college transcripts to assist you in completing the coursework section for the application.
  • Set the following sites as “trusted” sites so all communication will be received:, @sendgrid.dicas
  • Create an application account: The DICAS system simplifies the process of applying to Dietetic Internship programs. Complete one application and send it along with other information to our centralized service. DICAS will verify your application for accuracy, calculate your GPA and send your materials to the Dietetic Internship admissions at USF. All application materials become the property of the Dietetic Internship at USF and will not be returned.
  • Request official transcripts from each institution attended by using the transcript request form in DICAS.
  • Complete the form, submit it to the registrar's office of each institution attended and instruct them to enclose the form with your official sealed transcript. Transcripts must be sent to the DICAS Transcript Department.
DICAS Online
P.O. Box 9118
Watertown, MA 02471
DICAS accepts official transcripts sent directly from the registrar's office only. Please send transcripts as early as possible and no less than four to six weeks before the application deadline due to the time needed by DICAS to verify your application.
  • Pay the initial service fee of $45 when submitting the DICAS application. $20 for each additional institution.
  • Obtain 3 Letters of Reference: two references must be from a prior faculty member, academic advisor, or other professional who has supervised the applicant’s academic studies; the other reference may be from an employer or other professional who can provide a knowledgeable testament regarding character, ethics, responsibility, potential for success, and other attributes which predict an applicant’s favorable performance in an internship.
  • Prepare a resume/portfolio
  • Please fill out all sections of the application including thoughtful answers to all questions on the personal/career statement.

Application to the USF Dietetic Internship has 3 parts: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the USF Dietetic Internship Selection Committee. All materials must be submitted by the deadline.

I. First, you are required to submit an application through the centralized application process (DICAS). Applicants must also register online at D+D Digital for computer matching and select dietetic internship priority choices. There is a $55.00 computer matching fee.

II. Second, Applicants must apply to the MPH program, Nutrition and Dietetics (Online Program) at USF College of Public Health for the Fall semester. The steps are as follows:

  1. Complete a SOPHAS application (Select College of Public Health, Masters of Public Health, concentration in Nutrition and Dietetics. Please note you will be registering for Fall semester.  If matched to the internship this will be adjusted for the Summer semester start. Information about application fees can be found at
  2. The SOPHAS application will be verified by SOPHAS (allow two to four weeks)
  3. Once verified by SOPHAS, the application will be sent to USF and entered into our Graduate University System.
  4. You will receive an email confirming your verified SOPHAS application has been received by USF. Once the USF application is completed and the fee has been paid, and all required College of Public Health supporting documents received, the application will be forwarded to the department for review (allow two to four weeks)
  5. Monitor your e-mail for decisions and other communications.

III. Third, While waiting for SOPHAS to verify your application, please use the below link to complete the USF supplemental application. Doing so will avoid delay in processing your SOPHAS application when it is verified and complete.  The application takes ~30 minutes to complete and can be accessed using the online application. Select College of Public Health, Masters of Public Health, concentration in Nutrition and Dietetics. The application fee is $30.