Cost of Domestic Violence

Cost of Domestic ViolenceStats and Facts

A 2004 study estimated the cost of intimate partner violence against women from national data collected from 1995. Costs incurred were as follows:

  • $32 million for rapes
  • $4.2 billion for physical assault
  • $342 million for stalking
  • $893 million for murders

Calculations took into account direct and indirect costs: medical care, mental health services, and productivity lost. When updated to 2003 dollars, the cost of intimate partner violence against women total over $8.3 billion. Health care costs for victims of IPV are almost twice that of age-matched non-victims.

Author / Date of Study

Costs Included

$ Estimate

Straus, 1986

Intrafamily violence

$1.7 billion

Daro, 1988

Medical costs
Rehabilitation & special education
Foster care
Lost productivity     

$20 million
$7 million
$7.1 billion
$.6 - 1.3 billion

Meyer, 1992

Medical treatment / lost productivity

$5-10 billion      

Dayaranta, 1992

National health care costs

$6.5 billion

Zorza, 1994

National health care costs

$31 billion

Miller, Cohen, & Wiersema, 1994

Medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, property losses, productivity losses, pain, suffering, lost quality of life

$67 billion

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control estimates the direct medical and mental health care costs exceed $4 billion.


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