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The COPH Finance and Operations team works closely with our faculty and staff to aid in the process of purchasing goods and services. As part of the day to day operations of the Administrative Support team, we offer the following services to the College of Public Health community:

  • Expertise & assistance in reviewing USF and State of Florida purchasing guidelines
  • Managing the USF purchase order process
  • Entry of purchase orders into FAST
  • Receipt of goods & services in FAST
  • Working with vendors on the purchasing process
  • Working with USF Accounts Payable and vendors to resolve payment issues

The goal of the Finance and Operations team is to review and process requests to purchase goods or services within 24 hours of receipt by COPH administrative staff. For purchases that are of significant dollar values and/or raise questions related to allowability or allocability on a grant account, additional time may be needed to review and process the request.

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  • I want to buy something. How do I go about it?
    * Complete a COPH PO Form and have it signed by the accountable officer for that account.
    * Submit the form to COPH Purchasing
    * The purchase order request will be forwarded to your account rep, who will check to make sure funds are available and that the item is an allowable charge if grant related.
    * After all approvals are met the item to be purchased will be entered into the FAST accounting system.
  • How long does it take to get a purchase order processed?
  • Certain factors determine the length of time it takes to actually receive a PO number. Several days is the normal wait period, however, it can take longer if there are budget issues or additional backup is required by the Purchasing Department.

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Price Quotes and Competitive Pricing Process Competitive Pricing:

Competitive pricing is the accepted standard to follow to assure that the University is obtaining commodities, goods and services at the best possible price with an appropriate level of quality. Purchasing practices good public administration policies to insure that purchases are made at the best possible prices and within the Code of Ethics. Purchasing follows the purchasing policies as established by the University, the Florida Board of Education, and the Florida Statutes.

Formal written price quotes are not required for the purchase of commodities, goods or services amounting to less than $5,000. However, verbal or online quotes are required and must be documented by the source (name of salesperson, annotation of website) and the date the price was obtained.

The purchase of commodities, goods or services with a value greater than or equal to $5,000 and less than $25,000 must have Quotations either verbal or written, verbal quotes must be documented in requisition. At least two quotes are required.

The purchase of commodities, goods or services with a value greater than or equal to $25,000 and less than $75,000 requires at least three (3) written quotations.

Purchases $75,000 or more require formal bidding.

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Moving Expenses

The payment of moving expenses, if approved, would be up to the amount the department has agreed to pay and is limited to moving the contents of a single residence; and the cost of packing, shipping, and storing household goods (personal effects and property), or moving a mobile home (any vehicle used as a home), and incurring reasonable expenses for moving an automobile; and/or moving up to 15,000 pounds of household goods (not boats, etc.) by common carrier, rental truck or trailer, or a state-owned vehicle, when authorized; and/or purchasing insurance: against damaged goods provided it is limited to the normal liability of the common carrier (approximately $.60/pound) unless a State University System contract mover is used, or when a State University System contract mover is used, based on the SUS negotiated rates, or the approved payment for insurance for only the vehicle (not the contents) when using a rental vehicle or truck. The costs of an SUS contracted mover include full replacement insurance. The employee is responsible for the cost of full replacement insurance if a non-SUS contracted mover is selected. Contact Faye Maciaszek for assistance with moving expenses prior to the move taking place.

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Independent Contractors and Consulting

The USF Purchasing Department requires that all departments paying an individual for services must complete an "Independent Contractor Consulting & Professional Services Worksheet". All individuals and organizations requesting payment from USF must complete IRS Form W-9.

USF must determine if an individual providing services is an independent contractor (payment should be made via Purchasing and reported on Form 1099) or an employee (payment should be made via the Payroll Department and reported on Form W-2). Payments made to non-resident aliens are subject to special tax provisions and withholding under the Internal Revenue Code, thus, payments to nonresident aliens must be processed by the USF Non-resident Alien Accounting Coordinator in the Payroll Department (SVC 2172). See Non-Resident Alien Documentation Requirements

The Independent Contractor Consulting & Professional Services Worksheet will be used as documentation in the event of an IRS audit. Departments should carefully consider answers provided to questions on the form as any taxes, interest or penalties assessed by the IRS due to misclassification of an individual as an independent contractor, will be paid by the USF Department authorizing the payment.

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