Register early!!
Some Courses fill quickly. Also, potential registration problems can take time to resolve.

USF Employees

The USF Employee Tuition Program covers up to six credit hours per semester. For more information, visit: USF Human Resources Webpage on USF Employee Tuition Program.

To register for courses via the USF Employee Tuition Program

  1. Select course from COPH schedule or web course schedule. Students interested in campus and online courses will use the traditional reference number.

  2. Depending on your student status, follow registration procedures for Degree, Non-Degree or Continuing Non-Degree seeking student.

  3. Register in OASIS during specified times. See Important Dates and OASIS instructions.

  4. Tuition Payment: In lieu of tuition payment, complete and submit the original signed USF Employee Tuition form to USF Cashier’s Office by the specified tuition deadline.

Send completed form to:

Cashier’s Office, University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, ADM 147
Tampa, FL 33620-5800
Make a copy of the completed form for your records.

Who is a USF Employee & how can I learn more?
USF Human Resources Webpage on USF Employee Tuition Program.

Please Note

University of South Florida employees are not considered State of Florida employees.

USF Employees are still responsible to pay any additional fees associated with registration.  USF Employees are required to pay the Off-Campus fee for all COPH online courses. To verify what is owed, students can log into OASIS and pay online.


For any questions related to the USF Employee Tuition Program, please contact USF Human Resources at 813-974-2970.