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Some Courses fill quickly. Also, potential registration problems can take time to resolve.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students interested in taking COPH graduate level courses should submit registration paperwork preferably no later than 5:00pm EST on the Tuesday before the start of the semester. Please see Important Dates for more information.

Once registered, students in all online public health courses are expected to meet certain requirements to successfully participate in their courses. Failure to meet these requirements may cause problems accessing the course materials. It is the student's responsibility to ensure all requirements are met prior to the start of the semester. For a list of technology requirements, how to access your online course website, and order course materials, visit:

  • Application Form

    Non-Degree Student

    Procedure to register for COPH undergraduate classes:

    • Select course from COPH schedule or web course schedule
    • No permits required
    • Register in OASIS for desired class(es)
    • Enrolled in an online course?

    All online courses are supported by COPH Office of Educational Technology and Assessment (ETA). The ETA office in conjunction with course instructors, prepares Course-at-a-glance documents for all online courses. The CAGs assist students in learning more about the course, its requirements, course expectations, types of assessments and important testing dates for a given semester. To access these documents, go to and click on the course of interest.

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    Procedure to Register for Graduate Courses

    Forms Needed: Approval for Undergraduates to Take Graduate Level Classes

    Select course from COPH schedule or web course schedule. All undergraduate students must complete Approval for Undergraduates to take Graduate Level Classes form. This form will allow you to obtain a permit for courses.

    Mail or Fax to:
    University of South Florida
    College of Public Health
    Attn: Academic and Student Affairs
    13201 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
    Tampa , FL 33612
    FAX # (813) 974-8121

    To Submit in Person:
    COPH Rm. 1133

    Get required advisor and instructor(s) signatures (copy of e-mail from instructor giving permission to take his/her class can substitute for signature). Academic and Student Affairs office will obtain Associate Dean signature.

    Register and Pay for Courses in OASIS.
    Click here for OASIS instructions and Important Dates

    Still have questions? Contact Academic and Student Affairs office via phone at (813) 974-6505.