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Reduced Rate Program

The Reduced Rate Program allows out-of-state students to get a reduced tuition rate to take Public Health courses. The program is available only to students who are taking courses in Public Health online degree concentrations and certificates. Currently, out-of-state students pay a tuition rate of $877.17 per credit hour.

Through the Reduced Rate Program, out-of-state students pay a rate of $525.00 per credit hour plus a $30 online fee per credit hour .

Registration Information

To register for classes in the Reduced Rate Program; student will submit a signed registration request form to their department coordinator. The department coordinator will review the courses and forward the forms over to the Reduced Rate Program Administrator.  Students will send their registration request form directly to the Reduced Rate Program Administrator at

Once received by the Reduced Rate Program Administrator, program eligibility will be determined and if approved, the student will be registered into the approved courses and a waiver will be processed for the student. Students are to monitor their registration status through their OASIS account. Once registered, payment must be submitted before the posted payment deadline If a student needs to drop any courses, this can be done by the student through their OASIS account. Please notify the Online Programs Administrator via email once a course(s) are dropped.

Please Note
Students in the Reduced Rate Program CAN NOT register themselves into courses. All registration is done through the Reduced Rate Program Administrator. However, a student can drop themselves from courses through their OASIS account.

Please direct all questions regarding registration, tuition or tuition waivers to:
Lakiecher Hall
Assistant Director, Academic and Student Affairs