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Consult the catalog

The College catalog is your friend. It describes all of the programs we offer, as well as the requirements for each degree and each program and concentration. It tells you what you must do to graduate from your program. Here is the link for the current catalog:

The requirements for your degree program are contained in the catalog for the year you start your degree. When a new catalog is released subsequently, you have the choice of following the new catalog or the one you started with. Archived catalogs for the College are available at the bottom of this page:

The USF Graduate School also has current and archived catalogs for all USF degrees and programs, available at this link:

Keep your program check sheet current

Your program of study check sheet can be found at the catalog links below. Use this to make a plan for how you intend to complete your degree requirements, and continue to fill it in as you take classes. This way you can see your progress towards the degree, and you will be ready for planning with your advisor. Community and Family Health Environmental and Occupational Health Epidemiology and Biostatistics Global Health Health Policy and Management Public Health Practice

Look at the course listing

We provide a list of courses and prior syllabi for most of the courses offered by the College. If a course is new, or a special topics course, it will not have a syllabus, so you must contact the instructor. The listing and syllabi are available at this link:

All online courses are supported by Office of Educational Technology and Assessment (ETA). ETA provides course-at-a-glance (CAG) documents for all online courses. This assists students in learning more about the course, the course requirements, types of assessments, and important testing dates for a given semester. To access these documents, go to and click on the course of interest.

Search the class schedule

You can search for available courses via the Class Schedule Search found in OASIS. The directions for obtaining all of the College courses, or just those for your department, are available at this link: You can also consult our Static Schedule at the same link, which does not require you to log-in, but please note that this is updated weekly so it may not have the latest information.

Transfer your credits

Students can transfer up to 12 graduate credit hours from another program or institution. They must have received a grade of B or better in the course(s) taken elsewhere as determined by the official transcript, and the courses must be accepted by the department. For detailed information on the requirements, please look here:

Make program changes

If you would like to change your degree, concentration, or even your advisor, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork and get approval for the change. The COPH requires you to fill out this form and submit it to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs:

To make a change to your degree, you also have to fill out a form required by the graduate school: