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Complete your immunization form

Have you completed and turned in your immunization form? Contact Student Health Services for more information at (813) 974-4056. You must do this before you can register for classes.

Get your student ID Card

To obtain a Student ID Card, you can go to the Auxiliary Services, USF Marshall Center (813) 974-2357. Web Site:

If you are an online student, you are still required to get a card, in order to access journal articles at the library and other services. Instructions for getting an ID card online can be found here:

Get your parking permit

In order to park on campus, you must have a parking permit. To purchase this permit or to see the campus map for directions, go to the Parking & Transportation website at:

Get access to the COPH building after hours

To obtain access to the COPH Building after hours and daily access to Computer Lab A, you will need to fill out an access form at the desk in our front lobby. Then you will be able to use your student ID to gain access to the building.

Get the technology you need

The College has a computer lab for students use in the MDC building. If you are taking online courses, make sure you have all of the technological resources you need. You can find the requirements and resources at this link: You can also get technical support at this link:

Start your Student Portfolio

The COPH Student Portfolio is a repository where students can record, store and track their courses, competencies, accomplishments and academic achievements. You will be required to record your degree competencies for graduation. You can also print out a complete record of your accomplishments when you are searching for a position. You will need your HealthNet email account in order to access your portfolio here:

Join your class on Facebook

Get to know your classmates, ask questions, and leave comments about current and future college events. Sign up for the 2013-2014 student group at

Join the Public Health Student Association on Facebook

Get involved with the largest student organization at the College of Public Health here: This organization sponsors events and socials, and provides travel scholarships, so stay informed!

Join the College of Public Health on LinkedIn & Facebook

Connect with fellow students, faculty, staff, and alumni by joining the COPH LinkedIn group at: This site will be valuable in your search for positions once you graduate.

You can also join the college group at: You will get updates on all kinds of college news via this site.

Check in with International Services

If you are an international student, be sure to check in with International Services (IS) at USF. This is the main administrative and immigration advising office for more than 2,600 international students and 200 research scholars from over 138 countries. They conduct a mandatory orientation for all international students. Find them at:

Check in with Financial Aid

If you are receiving financial aid, be sure that you are fulfilling all of the enrollment requirements. Information on scholarships and financial aid is available at the USF Financial Aid office and website: