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Jesse Casanova, MS 
International Field Experience Administrator

Field Supervisors

Reviewing samples with microbiologist

Organizations affiliated with public health offer tremendous opportunities for our students to extend their learning beyond the traditional classroom setting.

The College has identified several avenues for interested organizations to assist students with putting public health into practice.  Please consider the following opportunities:

Field Experience

Mentor a graduate student in your specialty area. For an overview of our field experience program, please view our PowerPoint presentation. More detailed information can be obtained in our Field Placement Guide for Employers.

The College highly recommends that prospective employers read the attached Wall Street Journal article and learn how internships can help with employee recruitment.

Networking Fair

Every spring and fall the College partners with the USF Career Center to invite employers to recruit students for research projects, Field Experience and FT/PT jobs.

Seminars and guest speakers

Most COPH departments offer a seminar series. Likewise, faculty welcome practitioners who can bring their experiences from the field to students in the classroom.


Due to a conflict of interest, the following classifications of field supervisors have restrictions on when they are eligible to mentor COPH graduate students in field experience.
  • COPH alumni have a five-year waiting period before they are eligible to supervise students
  • Students who are currently taking classes in the USF COPH are not eligible to supervise other students
  • USF COPH faculty should not serve as field supervisors for their advisees
  • USF COPH faculty may supervise students on projects that are based at organizations outside of USF

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