Student Services

Successful Academic Experience

To promote a successful academic experience for our students, the Office of the Director of Student Services at the University of South Florida College of Pharmacy is dedicated to providing academic, personal, and extra-curricular support for enrolled students. The following services are provided to enhance your educational journey and support your development through the Pharm.D. program. All services are coordinated through the Director of Student Services under the direction of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Assessment.

Academic Advising

Students are assigned a faculty advisor prior to matriculation and will have the opportunity to first meet with their advisor during Orientation. Advising consists of regular meetings with your faculty advisor to ensure adequate academic progress and provide resources and referrals for school/life balance and educational support.

Student Organizations

College of Pharmacy Student Leadership Council (SLC)

  • President - Kevin Klein 
  • Advisor - Jackie Grosser 

American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) 
  • President - Brett LaBossiere 
  • Advisor - Dr. Carol Fox 

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)
  • President - Shawn Vahabzadeh 
  • Advisor - Dr. Thea Moore 
  • Student Society - of Health System Pharmacy (SSHP) 
  • President - Kelly Rae Tolbert 
  • Advisor - Drs. Thomas Towers and Katlynd Sunji

Career Counseling

There are many career paths for graduates of a Doctor of Pharmacy program. The APhA Career Pathways program is a tool that is used by students to identify their areas of interest and skill within the profession. Workshops will be incorporated throughout the curriculum to assist you through the decision making process and expose you to the various options within the Pharmacy profession. Career Panels are also incorporated into the Pharmaceutical Skills curriculum to provide you exposure to the different careers within pharmacy. Our Career Counseling services also include CV development, a 3rd year Career Fair, mock interviews, and Residency preparation.

Academic Support

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a form of open tutoring for professional-level students that is directly shaped by the needs of the students. SI provides a twice-weekly dedicated time and space for students which can be utilized for small group studying or individual studying, with a tutor available, if needed. This allows students the opportunity to incorporate SI into their busy schedules, as well as arrive at the session with individualized questions for the tutor based on their current needs.

In addition to SI, small group and individual tutoring are offered through the College. Please contact the Director of Student Services for more information, The Office of Student Affairs and Assessment also offers individual guidance for study skills, stress management, test anxiety, and time management strategies.


Counseling services are available through the Office of Student Affairs and Assessment by contacting Ms. Ellyn Couillard, or Assistant Dean, Heather Petrelli, Students who seek assistance through our office are assured of confidentiality as limited by federal disclosure law and educational integrity. There is also a comprehensive Counseling Center at USF’s main campus should students need intensive or ongoing mental health support.