College of Pharmacy

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Chuanhai Cao, PHD

Assistant Professor, Cop Dept Of Pharmaceutical Science

Assistant Professor, Non Usf Health

Assistant Professor, College Of Medicine Neurology

Contact Info 4001 E Fletcher Ave
Tampa, FL 33613

Academic Email:

Academic Phone: (813) 396-0742


  • PHD, Medical Microbiology, Tianjin Medical University, 1996

Recent Publications

  • Dragicevic N, Copes N, O'Neal-Moffitt G, Jin J, Buzzeo R, Mamcarz M, Tan J, Cao C, Olcese JM, Arendash GW, Bradshaw PC. Melatonin treatment restores mitochondrial function in Alzheimer's mice: a mitochondrial protective role of melatonin membrane receptor signaling. Journal of pineal research. 51(1) : 75-86, 2011.
  • Song S, Sava V, Rowe A, Li K, Cao C, Mori T, Sanchez-Ramos J. Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) enhances recovery in mouse model of Parkinson's disease. Neuroscience letters. 487(2) : 153-7, 2011.
  • Arendash GW, Cao C. Caffeine and coffee as therapeutics against Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD. 20 Suppl 1: S117-26, 2010.
  • Arendash GW, Sanchez-Ramos J, Mori T, Mamcarz M, Lin X, Runfeldt M, Wang L, Zhang G, Sava V, Tan J, Cao C. Electromagnetic field treatment protects against and reverses cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease mice. Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD. 19(1) : 191-210, 2010.
  • Olcese JM, Cao C, Mori T, Mamcarz MB, Maxwell A, Runfeldt MJ, Wang L, Zhang C, Lin X, Zhang G, Arendash GW. Protection against cognitive deficits and markers of neurodegeneration by long-term oral administration of melatonin in a transgenic model of Alzheimer disease. Journal of pineal research. 47(1) : 82-96, 2009.
  • Cao C, Cirrito JR, Lin X, Wang L, Wang L, Verges DK, Dickson A, Mamcarz M, Zhang C, Mori T, Arendash GW, Holtzman DM, Potter H. Caffeine suppresses amyloid-beta levels in plasma and brain of Alzheimer's disease transgenic mice. Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD. 17(3) : 681-97, 2009.
  • Arendash GW, Mori T, Cao C, Mamcarz M, Runfeldt M, Dickson A, Rezai-Zadeh K, Tane J, Citron BA, Lin X, Echeverria V, Potter H. Caffeine reverses cognitive impairment and decreases brain amyloid-beta levels in aged Alzheimer's disease mice. Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD. 17(3) : 661-80, 2009.
  • Cao C, Lin X, Zhang C, Wahi MM, Wefes I, Arendash G, Potter H. Mutant amyloid-beta-sensitized dendritic cells as Alzheimer's disease vaccine. Journal of neuroimmunology. 200(1-2) : 1-10, 2008.
  • Cao C, Lin X, Wahi MM, Jackson EA, Potter H. Successful adjuvant-free vaccination of BALB/c mice with mutated amyloid beta peptides. BMC neuroscience. 9: 25, 2008.
  • Sanchez-Ramos J, Song S, Cao C, Arendash G. The potential of hematopoietic growth factors for treatment of Alzheimer's disease: a mini-review. BMC neuroscience. 9 Suppl 2: S3, 2008.