College of Pharmacy

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In the year 2007, the University of South Florida accepted the opportunity to champion, coordinate, and implement the creation of the USF Doctor of Pharmacy program. There was a sense of urgency, excitement, and opportunity at that time that has carried forward to help us build what we believe will be an outstanding pharmacy school.


USF Health is a young, but mature health sciences complex. The USF College of Medicine and the USF College of Nursing were established in 1965. The USF College of Public Health and the USF School of Physical Therapy followed, comprising the USF Health Sciences Center. USF Health Sciences Center is now known as USF Health. USF Health is fast becoming a national leader in the health sciences. The USF Physicians Group, our healthcare multispecialty group practice, includes over 350 physicians and over seventy nurse practitioners that provide healthcare to patients throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

All of the colleges and schools that encompass USF Health currently enjoy a uncommon interprofessional collaboration. The faculty among USF Health colleges recognized that pharmacy, as a health discipline was a missing component of the academic and clinical profile at USF Health. Despite a formal program in place, interprofessional interactions involving the pharmacy discipline already occur regularly between all of the academic programs. With this recognition, there is enormous support for the addition of a pharmacy program to foster meaningful interaction between students, faculty, and researchers.

The Future Begins Now!

The USF College of Pharmacy is well positioned to become a leader in pharmacy education nationally. Our mission, vision, and goals have been developed to meet the healthcare needs of patients from 2015 and beyond. The interprofessional education culture, research prowess, and existing clinical resources currently in place at USF Health provide a launching pad for our program. The USF College of Pharmacy will attain excellence in pharmacy education, and our resolve to meet the future challenges of healthcare is strong. Stay tuned as the USF College of Pharmacy works to transform the DNA of healthcare!