PaperFree Florida offers consulting services to facilitate the adoption, selection, purchase, implementation, and meaningful use of EHRs and other health information technology.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • EHR Readiness Assessments
  • Information Flow Analysis
  • Assistance Planning, Scheduling, and Evaluating Onsite EHR Demonstrations
  • Recommendations for EHR Selection & Purchase
    • Cost Comparisons
      • Includes an evaluation of quotes, potential return on investment, etc.
    • Functionality Comparisons
      • Includes an evaluation of user ease, degree of technical support required, and other considerations
  • Preparation for EHR Implementation
  • Meaningful Use Attestation Guidance and Support

How PaperFree Florida Can Help

Providers without an EHR

We demystify the EHR transition process. We strive to become your trusted friend and advocate throughout the evolution to electronic records. As your practice transforms, PaperFree Florida will engage you in a variety of ways. This includes (but is not limited to) serving as:

  • A Vendor-Neutral Consultant that provides unbiased recommendations for EHRs that best fit your practice-specific needs
  • An Advocate for your practice’s needs, facilitating clear communication with your chosen vendor
  • A Director that helps your practice create practical long-term plans and avoid common obstacles to successful implementation
  • A Guide that helps position your practice to achieve adoption and to facilitate understanding of Meaningful Use and other relevant regulations, as well as eligibility for incentives
  • A Resource for general information, education, and EHR user training

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Providers that already have an EHR

We help you optimize EHR use. Though many practices have some type of an EHR in place, it may not be certified, or properly configured to fit current workflow needs. In either case, we can help you earn the highest return on your investment possible by:

  • Guiding you successfully through the EHR implementation process; if past implementation has failed, we help you understand why, and how to plan and structure the new implementation for success
  • Stimulating change in your practice’s culture to ensure success in implementation and use
  • Facilitating compliance with laws such as HITECH, HIPAA and their corresponding regulations like Meaningful Use
  • Facilitating achievement of Meaningful Use and/or earning other incentives, based on your eligibility
  • Helping your practice meet other needs and achieve articulated goals beyond Meaningful Use (Stage 1)

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