Virtual Simulation and Clinical Excellence

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    Virtual Simulation and Clinical Excellence
Who We Are

Marisa Belote, RN, BSN, MBA, Director Virtual Simulation Center of Excellence
& Clinical Educationi

Hambrick, Troy, Simulation Lab Specialist. He has over twenty-one years of medical experience as an EMT/Medic in the U.S. Air Force. Four of those years, in Operation Desert Storm and sixteen years as an First Assistant for Orthopedics, General and Thoracic surgery.  He has been with University of South Florida for five years, and has been with the College of Nursing in the Virtual Simulation Lab for one year.  In that short time Troy has utilized his skills and knowledge to help the nursing faculty create real life patient scenarios with high fidelity manikins. According to Troy, “assisting the students attain the skills needed will be beneficial when a similar scenario presents itself in the clinical setting. The students will have the knowledge needed to care for the patient.  Creating scenarios and making the simulation experience as accurate as possible is my goal”. Troy enjoys the challenge of building simulations to maximize the learning experience for the nursing students.