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RN-BS Program
Admission Packet


You have been accepted into the RN-BS program at the University of South Florida’s College of Nursing for the Spring 2015 semester. Please consider this your official notification of acceptance to the USF College of Nursing.

It is essential that you read the information below in its entirety. There are several steps required before you are allowed to register for classes, as well as additional information to prepare you for your first semester in the RN-BS program.

Spring classes begin on January 5, 2015.

Please note:

  1. 1. The RN-BS program is intended to be part-time (6 credits/semester) to ensure the success of our working RN’s. A formal request to go full-time (12 credits/semester Fall or Spring; 9 credits/semester Summer) must be sent to your advisor via e-mail to be approved by the RN-BS Program Director. Please inquire to your advisors for the official process by December 1st..
    *The Certified Profile requirements (Section 1: Step 1) and additional forms must be completed prior to final approval
  2. 2. Consecutive enrollment is expected in the RN-BS program (Spring, Summer, AND Fall semesters). Students who take more than one consecutive semester may have to reapply and be readmitted into the program.

If you have any further questions regarding your acceptance, orientation, or this website, please contact your RN academic advisors:

We look forward to working with you!

Warm Regards,
USF College of Nursing - RN Admissions

Section 1: Prior to Registration

Items in this section must be completed no later than 30 days after the date of your acceptance. You will not be able to register for courses until these items have been completed and verified.

  1. Step 1: Order a Background Check, Drug Screening, & Immunization Verification for the College of Nursing and begin uploading your information.

    Please start this process IMMEDIATELY! The Certified Profile process can be lengthy due to the required documentation.

    All College of Nursing students are required to complete a Background Check, Immunization Verification, and Drug Screening for the College of Nursing via

    In order to progress to Semester II all documentation must be uploaded and approved by March 1st.

    Please note: This is not the same as the USF Health Form from USF Student Health Services. The Certified Profile requirements are required for all RN-BS students. The USF Health Form cannot be used in lieu of Certified Profile.

    • Please log on to and use the code UF17 to set up your profile/account.
    • To complete the Certified Profile Immunization Verification process, positive titers WITH quantitative results for the following are required. Additionally, you MUST provide lab reports WITH references ranges from your healthcare provider.
    • The following are also required:
    • For detailed information about each of the Immunization Verification requirements, please review the FAQ about this process under the Resources & Forms area.
    • It is your responsibility to order your background check, immunization and drug screening package as well as monitor its status, by uploading the required documents and ensuring that they are processed and cleared. Any questions about the requirements, documents, or status must be directed to Certified Profile at 1-888-666-7788. This process must be completed prior to March 1st.
    • Once all items have been cleared by Certified Profile (background check, drug test, and immunization verification), email Ashley Sanford, Undergraduate Admissions Advisor at: At that time, we will verify that ALL (background check, drug test, and immunization verification) of the Certified Profile requirements have been met. Once verified, the first of the two course registration holds on your account will be removed.
  2. Step 2: Complete Mandatory College of Nursing Online Orientation & Quiz

    The College of Nursing requires new students complete a mandatory online orientation and quiz. Through this orientation, you learn how to set up your USF Health email account and become acquainted with program and college policies.

    The online orientation is available at the following web address:

    The Online Orientation satisfies the USF Orientation requirement. You do not have to attend an on campus orientation but you are more than welcome to sign up if you wish.

  3. Step 3: Create USF Health Email Address

    All College of Nursing students are required to use a USF Health Email address for correspondence with their advisor, professors, and College of Nursing courses.

    USF Health Email Account (

    • Register at NEW Account Request website:
      • Select Your Role as Student
      • Enter Your Date of Birth and U-number.
      • Create your own password and security questions.
      • An account will be created instantly. Note: Your email will be accessible in two days.
    • Students must set this email as the official USF email address at:
      • Click “Login for more options”
      • Then click, “Select your Official USF Email Address” (the health email option will appear 2 days after the account creation)
    • NOTE: You cannot forward USF Health emails to a personal account.

    For problems or questions contact USF Health Information Systems (IS) at:

  4. Step 4: Review personalized program plan in DegreeWorks

    Your individual program plan and degree audit (showing outstanding FKL/State Mandated graduation requirements) can be accessed through USF’s online degree audit system, DegreeWorks. You can access DegreeWorks through OASIS ( using your NetID and password.

    Items to note when reviewing DegreeWorks

    • The Planner tab in DegreeWorks will show a split screen; one screen showing the full degree audit (items in green are complete; items in red/orange are outstanding) and one screen showing your degree plan for your entire program.
    • USF Undergraduate Admissions has taken into consideration transfer credit received from your previous institutions. However, DegreeWorks sometimes requires manual application of those credits to the College of Nursing requirements, so please let us know if you see anything missing that you think you have taken.
    • Most USF FKL/General Education requirements that you may need can be taken at any time during your program and are not listed under specific semesters on your degree plan.
      • Statistics (and its pre-requisites) must be taken before semester 3 and will be listed on your program plan.
    • RN Nursing coursework is intended to be taken in the order listed in your program plan. If you register for a Nursing course outside of your program plan without pre-approval, you may be dropped from that course.
    • The Capstone and Writing Intensive USF Exit Requirements are built in to your Nursing coursework and will be covered by core Nursing classes. A Portfolio requirement is built into your Nursing coursework and will be graded at the end of NUR4634C in your last semester.
    • Additional information on DegreeWorks can be found at:
  5. Step 5: Determine if you need to complete and return the USF Health Form from Student Health Services (optional depending on schedule)

    • The USF Health Form is required ONLY if you plan on attending on-campus courses for any required FKL, Foreign Language, or State Mandated requirements.

    • However, unless you complete the form, the hold for the USF health form will always show on your student account, so that if you start as an online student and later need to take an on campus courses, you will be prompted to complete the health form. If you choose to only take online courses, this hold should never prevent you from registering for your courses.

    • If you plan to take on-campus classes, the form must be completed by a licensed ARNP or Physician. Office stamps and/or additional attached documentation will not be accepted in lieu of a Provider’s signature and license number. Immunization records, along with your signed USF Medical History form, can be scanned and submitted electronically on the Student Health Services website -

    • The USF Health Form from Student Health Services is not the same as the Certified Profile immunization requirements and cannot be used in-lieu of completing the Certified Profile immunization requirements.

    Once we have manually verified the above steps have been completed you will receive an email notification that your holds have been removed and at that time you will be cleared to register at your assigned registration time.

Section 2: Prior to the Start of the Semester
  1. Step 1: Register for Classes!

    The USF Registrar’s office assigns an "appointment time" to students each semester for registration purposes. The appointment time gives the day and time students can start registering for classes. Once assigned, your appointment time will be visible in Oasis.

    Once you have completed the above steps (and the holds on your account have been removed) and you can register for your courses.

    Please review that Planner tab in DegreeWorks to confirm your Semester I Nursing courses.

    Please use our Quick Guide for Registration

    For additional tutorials on how to register please visit:

  2. Step 2: RSVP for the STARS (Support and Technology Assistance for RN Students) Event (optional)

    We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to join us December 18, 2014 at the USF College of Nursing for our STARS (Support and Technology Assistance for RN Students) event. Many students find this event provides them with essential tools for success. Please see the Save the Date below for more information. Please RSVP to this event by December 18, 2014 to .

  3. Step 3: Obtain USF Photo ID Card

    All new USF students are required to obtain a USF Photo ID. As a distance learning student, you will still need the USF Card.

    • You can obtain your card on-campus or online. The cost is $10.00. To order your card online, use our convenient online form to apply for your card now!
    • To purchase your card on campus, (with cash or check, a photo ID, and your USF ID number) go to the Marshall Student Center, Room 1505. For hours of operation call 813-974-2357.
  4. Step 4: Complete HIPAA Certification

    RN-BS students are required to complete the HIPAA certification before January 5th, 2015

    1. Access the website
    2. Log in using your HSCNET/USF HEALTH ID and password.
    3. On the homepage, find the drop down box that says “Select Course Category”
      • Within the drop down, select USF Health Training
    4. Click “USF Health Professional Integrity & Compliance – Required Training” to begin.
    5. You must complete the five modules:
      • Professional Integrity at USF Health
      • False Claims Acts and USF Health Standards
      • Professional Compliance
      • HIPAA Compliance
      • Computer & Information Security
    6. After you have completed HIPAA training, be sure to print a copy of your certificate (USF Health Required Training Completion Certificate) for your own records. We do not require a copy at the College of Nursing, but it must be furnished if requested.

    NOTE: Please disable any pop-up blockers before attempting the modules. In addition, make sure to follow all on-screen instructions when exiting the modules. Incorrectly exiting the modules may result in not receiving full completion credit for your attempt. If you need help at any time, give USF HEALTH IS a call at 813.974.6288.

  5. Step 5: Ordering Textbooks

    Textbooks for online classes may be purchased by contacting the USF Health Science Center Bookstore. The bookstore will ship your books via UPS on the same day you place your order IF you place the order before 10:00am.

    Students may place textbook orders three different ways at the USF Health Bookstore:

    • Come to the USF Health Sciences Bookstore on Campus
    • Call (813) 974-4984 to place your order
    • Go to the website –

    Instructions on how to identify your course textbooks for the College of Nursing:

    • Go to the bookstore website –
    • Click the "Shop Now" link, then enter your course information in the drop-down menu on the right, add your courses to a list, and View Textbook List on the left.
    • (If you do not know certain details of your course (number or section) use your registration info from OASIS).

    *If no textbooks are listed, it may mean your instructor has not added them yet with the bookstore. Contact your instructor for more information.

  6. Step 6: Review the Computer Requirements, Writing Expectations and Tips for Academic Success documents.

    The RN-BS program courses are 100% online (not including the service learning hours) and require frequent access to the online classroom (Canvas) and email. Additionally, as a Baccalaureate program, the RN-BS program will expect a certain level of scholarly writing. Review the Computer Requirements, Writing Expectations and Tips for Academic Success documents to prepare for and understand the program’s requirements

Section 3: The First Week of Classes and Beyond
  1. Step 1: Mandatory First Week Attendance (January 5th-January 9th)

    Your courses have a mandatory check in online. If you do not log in to your courses by those deadlines, you will be dropped from them.

    Log into Canvas and visit your classes on the first day of the semester to verify your check in deadline and ensure there are no technical difficulties with your account.

  2. Step 2: Tuition Payment

    Tuition is due at the end of the first week of classes (January 9th). Please note that VISA is not accepted by The Cashier’s Office.

  3. Step 3: Add/Drop

    You have until Friday (January 9th) at 5pm of the first week of the semester to make modifications to your schedule (add/drop) with no academic or financial penalty.

  4. Step 4: Keep up with your Academic Advisors

    Check the Canvas RN Academic Advising message board for important deadlines and scholarship information

    Check USF health email

    Sign up for text alerts from your Advisors via Remind 101

    • This is optional and we typically send ~5 texts per semester (standard text rates may apply)

    To schedule an appointment with you advisor, please click here

  5. Step 5: Review Service Learning information for Semester II

    Service learning hours are associated with several of the core courses. In collaboration with course faculty and mentors/preceptors, students spend time with leaders in the community while completing projects related to the course. During the service learning hours, students will apply principles, theories, and concepts which are learned in the core courses. Students may do hours at their place of employment if approved by the organization. If students are not working, we will work with you to find placement. Projects are required to complete these courses. Additionally, all requirements in your Certified Profile must be completed and approved prior to the start of the semester in which you are taking these courses.

    Three Service Learning Courses:

    • NUR 4828C – Foundations of Nursing Healthcare Leadership & Management
      • The project for this course focuses on working with various managers and leaders to do develop an “organizational culture assessment”
    • NUR 4169C – EBP for the Baccalaureate Prepared Nurse
      • You will identify a patient outcome that needs to be improved, using evidence to support your assumption. You will develop a PICOT, synthesis of the literature, and a plan for rollout. You will work with multiple people for this project: a manager, CNL, and any other staff focused on improving patient outcomes
    • NUR 4634C – Population Health
      • The student will assess a specific population within a community
  6. Step 6: Certified Profile Completion Prior to March 1st

    In order to progress to Semester II all documentation must be uploaded and approved by March 1st. (Please refer to Section 1: Step 1)