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Doctoral Nursing Student Organization

The DNSO was formed in spring 2009 to address the needs of the doctoral students in the PhD and DNP programs at USF.  The DNSO coordinates monthly meetings to provide an opportunity for students and faculty to interact outside the classroom setting.  Business of the organization is conducted at the monthly meetings, as well as, opportunities to learn about college, campus, and community resources to aid in student success.  Invited speakers include current faculty, students, and alumni who may discuss their current research, study tips, and advice on beginning their career as a doctoral graduate.  The monthly meetings also allow an avenue to discuss program specific information so students and faculty can stay up-to-date on program policies and guidelines.  The DNSO maintains an active Blackboard site to provide information to the students and minutes (and/or recordings) of the monthly meetings for those not able to attend. 

Members of the DNSO also provide mentoring opportunities to new students as they begin their doctoral studies.  Members of the organization attend the annual College of Nursing Doctoral Orientation for new students and attend the College of Nursing Doctoral Open House for potential new students.

Faculty Advisors
Maureen Groer, RN, PhD, FAAN
Phone: 813.974.2703

Mary Webb, RN, PhD
Phone: 813.974.9133

Frances M. Sahebzamani, PhD, ARNP, FAANP
Voicemail: 813.974.2702
Dr. Melanie Michael
Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean, DNP Program

President: Kristi Norcross -
Vice President: Deborah Angeles -
Secretary: Carissa Alinat -
Treasurer: Julianne Escoto -
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Whitey Batsel -

Doctoral students can register to become a member of this organization.  Log into Blackboard and go to the Organizations tab. Look for the text box that says Student Organizations and click on Search. Choose Graduate as the category and click Search.  Look for the Doctoral Nursing Student Organization, click on the link for the name, and click on Request to Join Organization.  The organization president will confirm your membership and you should see a link to the organization appear under the Organizations tab in Blackboard in a few days. To join, log into, log in with your USF Net ID, search "DNSO" and click "join now".

Doctoral Student Profile Pages (under Construction)

Meetings are third Monday or Tuesday noon to 1:00 pm monthly.