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    Student Government and Organizations
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College of Nursing Student Council

The College of Nursing undergraduate students at USF are represented at student councils for their class or level. Each of these groups elects officers to serve in the posts of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as additional offices as deemed necessary by the individual council. There is overall representation to the University Student Government from these college councils. Faculty advisors to the CNSC provide students with guidance and advice concerning goals and policies.

Faculty Advisors

Marisa Belote

Brittny Chabalowski

Student Council Executive Board Officers
President Elect: Adams, Emma-
Vice President Elect: Loy, Ian-
Secretary: Mettler, Mallory-
Treasurer Elect: Ladd, Shelby-
Social Chair Elect: Koerner, Rebecca-
Public Relations Elect: Diaz, Johan-
Historian Elect: Deceus, Marie-
Professional Development: Blumenthal, Aly-
Pre-Nursing Representative: Amaya, Jessica-

Class of May 2013
President: Maria Govea
Vice President: Caitlin McKee
Treasurer: Toni Gonzales
Secretary: Laura Anderson
Social Chair: Danielle Schultz
Historian: Kristen Pravetz
Service Representative: Stephanie Miller

Class of August 2013 (Upper Division)
President: Kristen Suro
Vice President: Michelle Russell
Treasurer: Dorothie Julien Durosier
Secretary: Sherley Dorvil
Social Chair: Rachel Weber
Historian: Vilma Rodriguez
Service Representative: Danielle Steele
Marketing Chair: Curtis Andrews

Class of August 2013 (2nd Degree Bachelor)
President: Diego Cerquera
Vice President: Christina Pandes
Treasurer: Dana Hanshew
Secretary: Ula Armashi
Social Chair:  Micheal Mays
Historian: Andrea Mangano

Class of May 2014
President: Ian Loy
Vice President: Cayla Dungey
Treasurer: Summer Abukhodeir
Secretary: Emma Adams
Social Chair: Edgar Quinones
Public Relations: Alexander Akers
Historian: Noor Tamari

CNSC Announcements
Undergraduate students can register to become a member of this organization. Email the president of the Executive Board and request to be added to the CNSC Blackboard site.



CNSC meetings TBA