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Word of Mouth: An Intervention Study Targeted at Decreasing Viral STIs among a Diverse Group of Young Adults Male and Female

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Cumulative Award:

Versie Johnson-Mallard


As a Nurse Faculty Scholar, a major research goal will be continued development of skills in research methods, psychometrics, statistics, data analyses, study protocol development and implementation, and principles of community-based participatory research. My goal is to become fully grounded in two related areas: (i) health behavior theory and psychosocial principles as they relate to risk of STIs; and (ii) principles for the design, development, and evaluation of interventions related to STI prevention in minority adolescents and young adults.

Building on this goal, a second research goal as a Nurse Faculty Scholar will be to gain significant research experience in investigating the effectiveness of an intervention designed to increase knowledge and prevent the acquisition of viral STIs among a diverse group of young adult males and females.

Long-term research goals for my program of research include: (i) transitioning the proposed research study into a larger NIH-funded R01 study, by use of a randomized controlled experimental study design; (ii) validating the effectiveness of the intervention in different populations classified by age, gender, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status; (iii) building a nationally and international recognized interdisciplinary program of research and education in prevention of STIs; and (iv) formally enhancing positive beliefs and skill building to the prevention of STIs among adolescents and young adults.