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Physical Activity Intervention Among Head & Neck Cancer Survivors

Oncology Nursing Society
9/16/2012 - 9/15/2013

Cumulative Award:

Hsiao-Lan Wang


  • Aim 1: Develop a tailored intervention protocol for HNC survivors that uses the existing Wii Fit software with the assistance of a personal trainer (a tailored Wii Fit protocol).
  • Aim 2: Determine the feasibility and acceptability of a tailored Wii Fit intervention among HNC survivors. Hypothesis 2.1: At least 60% of eligible HNC survivors invited to participate in the study will enroll.
    • Hypothesis 2.2: At least 60% of participants will adhere to their tailored Wii Fit physical activity prescriptions. Hypothesis 2.3: At least 70% of participants will agree that the Wii Fit is easy to use, enjoyable, convenient, and helpful.
  • Aim 3: Examine changes in pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, sleep quality, and physical function over 10 weeks among HNC survivors who receive the tailored Wii Fit intervention.