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Nurse Anesthetist Traineeships

7/01/2013 - 6/30/2014

Cumulative Award:

Erik Rauch


The overall goal of this project is to alleviate the nationwide shortage of nurse anesthetists by preparing CRNAs who will provide competent anesthesia services to underserved populations. This goal will be accomplished through the following aims:

  1. Facilitate students successful completion of a nurse anesthesia education through mitigation of financial burdens and to produce Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists to help alleviate the current and projected nation-wide shortage.
  2. Recruit and retain nurse anesthesia students from underrepresented populations and underserved areas, which may require greater need of financial support.
  3. Use of clinical education HPSA sites to adequately support the learning needs and program goals, and give exposure to these sites as potential employment opportunities for students.
  4. Create an evaluation process for the nurse anesthesia traineeship program at the University of South Florida to determine outcomes of recruitment strategies and tracking of graduate employment to ensure goals are met.

Public Health Relevance

This program focuses on access to comprehensive, quality health care services that is important for the achievement of health equity and for increasing the quality of a healthy life for everyone.