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MBSR Symptom Cluster Trial for Breast Cancer Survivors


Cumulative Award:

Cecile Lengacher


This proposed study builds on our preliminary data of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction breast cancer program (BC) to reduce stress, biological markers of the stress response (catecholamines and pro-inflammatory cytokines), and improve physical, psychological symptoms and quality of life in breast cancer survivors

Public Health Relevance

After treatment for breast cancer, survivors often experience debilitating symptoms that occur singly, or more commonly, in clusters. Limited research and treatment regimens have been established to minimize this high degree of morbidity among breast cancer survivors. This study will formally evaluate an intensive meditation-based stress reduction intervention to determine if it is efficacious in improving psychological and physical symptoms, quality of life, and biological stress markers among breast cancer survivors. If this intervention is shown to be efficacious, the possibility exists of extending its use to minimize morbidity for other types of cancers, as well as severe non-cancer health disorders.