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Tailoring a HIV Prevention Intervention for College-Aged Black Women


Cumulative Award:

Rasheeta Chandler


The overarching goal of this proposal is to tailor a previously tested intervention (HIP TEENS), and conduct a pilot randomized control trial [HIP LADIES] addressing HIV prevention in black college-aged females. The research plan has four attainable goals, which include:

Goal 1: Gain an enhanced knowledge of the methodologies and procedures used to conduct RCTs

Goal 2: Develop skills essential to conducting RCT research through training (e.g. coursework, seminars, research meetings, and conferences).

Goal 3: Tailor a previously tested intervention (HIP TEENS) and conduct a pilot RCT [HIP LADIES] Specific Aims: I. Using focus group data from black college-aged women, tailor the HIP TEENS manuals (intervention and control). II. A multi-site pilot RCT will be conducted with 72 black college females, attending a Traditional University (TU) or Historically Black College/University(HBCU) to: (a) appraise feasibility in preparation for a full RCT (b) determine what refinements in recruitment & retention strategies are necessary for a full RCT and (c) estimate effect size on theoretically-driven & behavioral outcomes.

Goal 4: Disseminate pilot RCT intervention results through publications and conference presentations.

Public Health Relevance

This research will seek to reduce sexual risk behaviors that make young black women more susceptible to HIV. Ultimately, this study will contribute to reducing the disproportionate rates of HIV/AIDS in this population.