Faculty Funded Research

Primary Funded Research

Groer, Maureen E The Preterm Microbiome: Biological, Behavioral and Health Outcomes at 2 and 4 Years of Age National Institutes of Health
Lengacher, Cecile A Efficacy of MBSR Treatment of Cognitive Impairment Among Breast Cancer Survivors National Institutes of Health
McMillan, Susan C Patient Outcomes of a Self-Care Management Approach to Cancer Symptoms: A Clinical Trial Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

Funded Research

Athilingam, Ponrathi R I-Corps: HeartMapp. A mobile app for patients with Heart Failure.  National Science Foundation 
Beckie, Theresa M  I-Corps: HerHeart. A mobile app for improving health outcomes of women with Coronary Heart Disease.  National Science Foundation 
Clochesy, John M  Promoting Cancer Symptoms Self-Management in Older Adults  University of Central Florida 
Clochesy, John M  A Clinical Trial of Decision Support for End of Life Care Among Surrogate Decision Makers of the Chronically Critically Ill  Case Western Reserve University 
Ji, Ming  Predictors of Weight Loss Failure and Regain in Bariatric Patients  Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research 
Maguire, Denise J  Feeding Intervention for Infants with Neonatal Syndrome (NAS)  Children's Board of Hillsborough County 
Maguire, Denise J  Interaction Between Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Their Mothers  Southern Nursing Research Society 
Rowe, Meredeth A  Improving Dementia Caregiver Sleep and the Effect on Heart Disease Biomarkers  National Institutes of Health 

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