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    Graduate Preceptors
Welcome Preceptors
Thank you for being a preceptor and contributing to the clinical education of USF College of Nursing practitioner students. We greatly appreciate the time and energy you spend with our students, and recognize that you make a significant difference in preparing outstanding advanced practice nurses. We have prepared these documents to use as a reference guide for your role, as well as the roles of the faculty and student. It also serves as the basis for a signed agreement between you, the College of Nursing, and the student.

Benefits of Courtesy Faculty Appointment as a Preceptor

  1. Preceptors may receive a Courtesy Faculty appointment in the College of Nursing upon request.  As a courtesy faculty you will enjoy the recognition that accompanies affiliation with the prestigious, nationally ranked College of Nursing at USF.

  2. Those with a courtesy appointment at the College of Nursing qualify for some of the same benefits enjoyed by all USF faculty including:

Select the links below for each concentration:

Information for Preceptors
Clinical Site Confirmation form (aka "clinical contract")
Evaluation Form (for evaluation of student by preceptor and faculty)
Adult Clinical Contract
Evaluation of Clinical Site and Preceptor

Family Clinical Contract
Evaluation of Clinical Site and Preceptor

Nursing Education Preceptor and Faculty Evaluator Guide

Primary Care Preceptor & Faculty Evaluator Guide

Clinical Nurse Leader Preceptor Handbook

Nurse Anesthesia Preceptor Guide
Clinical Mid-Semester Evaluation form 1
Clinical Mid-Semester Evaluation form 2
Clinical Mid-Semester Evaluation form 3
Clinical Mid-Semester Evaluation form 4
Clinical Summative Evaluation form 1
Clinical Summative Evaluation form 2
Clinical Summative Evaluation form 3
Clinical Summative Evaluation form 4

Oncology Preceptor & Faculty Evaluator Guide
Oncology Evaluation Form (Practicum 1)
Oncology Evaluation Form (Practicum 2)
Oncology Evaluation Form (Practicum 3)
Evaluation of Clinical Site and Preceptor

Pediatric Clinical Contract
Evaluation of Clinical Site and Preceptor

Psych-Mental Health Preceptor & Faculty Evaluator Guide
Psych-Mental Health Evaluation Form
Psych-Mental Health Description of Nursing Practicum
Evaluation of Clinical Site and Preceptor