All faculty members, including newly appointed members who have a 50 or 51% or more assignment in the College, are expected to serve on at least one of the following standing or special committees. All faculty members are expected to attend and participate in all meetings and activities of their respective committees and general Faculty Council meetings.

Standing Committees:

  • Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • Continuing Education Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
    • Doctoral Curriculum Subcommittee
    • Masters Curriculum Subcommittee
    • Undergraduate Curriculum Subcommittee
  • Diversity Initiatives Committee
  • Student Affairs Committee

University/USF Health Committees

College of Nursing faculty and staff have the same opportunities to participate on university and USF Health committees as other faculty and staff at the University of South Florida. Please click here for the current list of College of Nursing faculty and staff participating on University/USF Health committees.

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