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Service Learning Projects

The following are examples of Service Learning Projects that USF College of Nursing students have completed as part of the NUR 4636: Community/Public Health course. Fall 2003 Community Clinical for the RN Projects List

 Clinical Site  Project Title  Product
Pinellas County Jail Establishment of a Community Based Organization for Treatment of Inmates Testing Positive for Hepatitis C Grant Proposal Submitted for Pasco County Jail to World Health Organization. Pinellas County Jail was not interested in the grant.
Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine "Love Your Feet: Diabetic Foot Care" Teaching project carried out for clients and project and power-point left at site for future use.
Sarasota Co. Health Department Healthy Start Program Proposal for an initiative to reduce smoking among pregnant moms through nursing visits. Proposal left for agency to seek grant funding if so inclined.
Central Hillsborough Healthy Start Creation of a Haitian communication board to better communicate with the clients nurses there serve. Communication board left with the staff there to use with the patients.
Moore Mickens' Cyesis program Nutrition Education Program for Pregnant Teens Lesson plan left with the school nurse
Mother and Childcare of Clearwater Translation of an STD pamphlet into Spanish to meet the needs of the Spanish speaking patients Pamphlets left with the agency.
Beth-El Farmworkers Ministry Completed data collection for the Sleeping Porch project Created questionnaires in Spanish, gathered data which was left with the agency.
Southeast Family Health Care Center of the Manatee County Rural Health Services Empowering Diabetic patients A Teaching Plan geared toward health care workers to improve how they relate to patients.
Pasco County Health Department "A Fresh Look at Diabetes" A beautiful hand painted and laminated diabetic teaching guide was left with the staff to use in teaching their patients.
Sarasota County Health Department An investigation of the MRSA rates in the hospitals and community served by the health department. Creation of a PowerPoint presentation to inform the nurses within the hospitals of this problem and preparation of research to be conducted by the health department.
Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine Creation of a Parenting Skills class for parents of young children. Lesson Plan left at the site. 3 teaching session held for parents.
South County Community clinic Development of a Hepatitis C Treatment Program Protocol Protocol was presented to nurses and physicians in the health department and voted on and adopted.
Alpha House a residential program for girls and women who are pregnant and have no alternate living arrangements Teaching Plan on newborn and maternal care Lesson Plan left with the staff after teaching session had been given.
Central Hillsborough Healthy Start Teaching Plan on Sleeping and SIDS Teaching performed with a group of clients and teaching plan left with agency.
DeSoto County Health Department Teaching Plan to reduce fall risk in people 65 and older presented to health professionals. Teaching plan left with agency.
Manatee County Health Department Creation and update information sheets for 5 major food borne illnesses. Information sheets to be published in the MCHD Epidemiology Newsletter, tables with data on 5 enteric diseases in Manatee County Created. Department to follow-up on these findings.
Central Hillsborough Healthy Start Baby Spacing teaching project Presented to a group of community dwelling people who use the program and left the teaching plan (on PowerPoint) with the agency.
Community Medical Clinic at Sarasota Memorial Hospital Creation of a Hypertension Care Track Care track left with clinic which the staff plan on expanding into other departments within the hospital to increase the number of modules.
Talbot House Residential program for the homeless Creation of an informational brochure that details available programs for people to receive medication and healthcare at a reduced cost or free. Left brochures with the agency but also placed them around town in physician offices and other places frequented by the elderly, or those with limited income etc.
Children's Medical Services in Hillsborough County Creation of a handout for pregnant mothers detailing risks and benefits of fetal surgery for spina bifida Literature was left with the agency for use with patients.
Pinellas County Health Department Proposal for a computer to be placed in the waiting room for patient use. The patients would have access to education modules about STDs and other modules could be added. Proposal left with the agency. The management information systems people are very excited about this project.

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