Academic Policies And Procedures

The announcements, information, policies, rules, regulations, and procedures set forth below are for information only and are subject to continual review and modification. It is updated on an ongoing basis. It is the student's responsibility to know and comply with all College and University policies and procedures. USF and College of Nursing policies are subject to change and apply to all students regardless of their choice of catalog.

The University of South Florida is committed to the principles of equal education, equal access, and equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, marital status, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, or veteran or disabled veteran status as provided by law and in accordance with the University's respect for personal dignity. These principles are applied in the conduct of University programs and activities and the provision of facilities and services.

Useful Resources

  • Academic Advising 
    Depending upon a student's program, students will be assigned academic advisors who will meet with individual students at the start of their program and who will be available during their studies in the College of Nursing. Individual program plans will be developed with the student and signed by each student. The student will receive a copy, and the signed copy will be filed in their student folder. Individual program plans may be changed as a result of program or course changes.

  • Academic Calendar

  • Academic Grievance Procedures 

  • Academic Jeopardy 

  • Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) 

  • Alternate Calendar Registration 

  • Canvas 

  • Catalog Graduate 

  • Catalog Undergraduate 

  • Center for Virtual Simulation and Clinical Experiences 
    1. The Center for Virtual Simulation and Clinical Experiences (VSCE) is a multipurpose center. It consists of a customized four-room suite in the USF College of Nursing housing a computer lab with 16 computers, with assorted CDs and computer software to enhance skill acquisition a Physical Assessment Lab, Virtual skills lab, and storage area.
    2. The VSCE is used in developing health assessment and psychomotor skills for all nursing students consistent with the curricular requirements. In addition simulated activities with the use of the Human Patient Simulators (HPS) are developed and incorporated into the curricula.
    3. The VSCE staff and graduate teaching assistants are available to assist students with remediation practice or evaluation of clinical skills. The VSCE is equipped with state of the art simulated patient care units. These units include hospital beds, a variety of infant and adult static mannequins, arms for venipuncture, pelvis, prostate models, assorted torsos for injections and dressing changes, and tracheostomy equipment for suctioning, central line dressing models for dressing practice. 

  • Faculty Contact 

  • Faculty Evaluation 
    1. As nursing professionals, students are expected to provide an evaluation of the course and faculty at the end of each semester and an in-depth evaluation of their learning experience upon completion of the program.
      • Three weeks prior to the end of each semester, students will receive an email through their USF Health email accounts with a link to the evaluation.
      • At the site, students will login using their nine-digit USF ID#.
      • All classes and instructors for each class in which you are enrolled will be displayed. Once you complete an evaluation for a course or faculty, you will not be able to access it again.
    2. Additional evaluations will be requested of our alumni at the end of the program and one year post-graduate.
    3. All College of Nursing evaluations are web-based and anonymous. Results are aggregated and distributed to faculty members after grades are posted. 

  • Registrar's Office 

  • Graduation 

  • NCLEX Application and Registration 

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