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VCARE Sequence (VCA)
Veteran to BS

VCARE SOAR Application
Writing Sample and Resume

Students applying to the V-CARE sequence are required to submit a personal statement/writing sample. Please carefully read the instructions below for information on what each requirement should include and how the requirements should be submitted.

Please submit your resume and writing samples carefully. Once submitted, you will not be able to resubmit.

Instructions for Personal Statement/Writing Sample

Please provide an original writing sample to be used in the admission decision process. Limit writing sample to two (2) pages, single spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font. Standard one inch margins are required. Writing samples that do not follow these guidelines will not be reviewed.

Please read the sample curriculum and philosophy statement on the USF CON website. Then, respond to the following questions in a careful and thoughtful manner.

  1. What motivates you to pursue nursing as a profession?
  2. Given the rigor of this program, what plans have you made to ensure your success?
  3. You have a bias against pregnant women who smoke. You have a patient who is pregnant and smoking. How do you reconcile your bias to care for this patient?
  4. A classmate in your V-CARE program shares with you a frustration that as a military medic or corpsmen, you have the same knowledge and skills in certain areas as a Registered Nurse. There should be more recognition of your skills and you should not be held to the standards as other students in class and clinical. How would you respond?


The resume should expand on your experience as a Medic/Corpsman; include any additional medical training/experience you have, as well as civilian experiences, leadership experiences, awards, honors, etc.


Your writing sample must be submitted electronically through your College of Nursing SOAR application. The document must be downloaded into the application and the application must be submitted (not saved) no later than March 15, 2016 at 5:00 pm. Any application lacking a writing sample will be considered incomplete and will not be considered for admission.