Bachelor's Programs

Veteran to Bachelor's (V-CARE)


Veteran to Bachelor's (V-CARE) Program Plan: Courses listed are published for information purposes and may be subject to change, dependent upon catalog year and admission semester. Upon acceptance into the program, a program plan is provide to each student.

The V-CARE program sequences by semester as indicated are based on the full 12 credits of military awarded credit.

Total Credit Hours 68: the minimum number of credits needed for the Veteran to Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is 120. Up to 16 credits (which can include 4 credits of Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab, and if admitted to the V-CARE program, up to 12 upper-division nursing credits) can be awarded from the SMART/ACE transcript based on military training.  

  • Curriculum

    Course Number

    Course Name

    Credit Hours

    Level I
    Fall Semester

    NUR 3125


    NUR 3145

    Pharmacology in Nursing Practice

    NUR 3081

    Bridge to Professional Nursing

    NUR 3081L

    Bridge to Professional Nursing Clinical 2
    NUR 3066L Health Assessment, Wellness and Prevention Across the Life Span Lab 1
    Level II
    Spring Semester

    NUR 4165

    Evidence-Based Practice 3

    NUR 3225

    Complex Health Nursing I 3

    NUR 3225L

    Complex Health Nursing Clinical I 3

    NUR 4467

    Nursing Care of Women, Children and Families 4

    NUR 4467L

    Nursing Care of Women, Children and Families Clinical 3
    Level II/III
    Summer Semester

    NUR 4535

    Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 3

    NUR 4535L

    Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Clinical 2

    NUR 4227

    Complex Health Nursing II 4

    NUR 4227L

    Complex Health Nursing Clinical II 3
    NUR 4285 Healthy Aging: Nursing Care of Older Adults 2
    Level IV Fall Semester

    NUR 4888

    Coordination of Care in Nursing 2

    NUR 4635

    Public Health Nursing 3

    NUR 4635L

    Public Health Nursing Clinical 1

    NUR 4827

    Role Transition and Leadership in Nursing 2

    NUR 4948L

    Preceptorship 5

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