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Veteran to BSApplication Process & Deadlines

Application Process:

Admission to the V-CARE program is a two-step process. Please follow the steps below to first successfully apply to the university and then separately to the V-CARE program. At this time, current USF students may skip steps one and two. Please make sure you check the military/veteran status and select pre-Nursing as your major.

  1. Submit a USF Tampa Admissions Application

    • Submit required documentation
  2. Submit a College of Nursing Application

    Once you have completed steps 1and 2, and have been admitted as an undergraduate pre-nursing student at USF, complete the on-line College of Nursing application at The SOAR application requires a university identification number (UID) to apply. All students receive their UID after admission to the university.

    Applicants with completed pre-requisites may be eligible for the Fall V-CARE sequence. Applicants do not have to have their pre-requisites completed by the time the SOAR application to the College of Nursing's VCARE program closes, as they may be conditionally admitted with the contingency that all remaining pre-requisites are completed with a "C" or better by the start of the VCARE program in the Fall. Additionally, applicants who will not have their pre-requisites completed by that current Fall should still apply as they may be eligible for conditional admission to a later V-CARE sequence.

Application Deadline:

The College of Nursing currently accepts students into the V-CARE sequence once a year, for the Fall semester. At this time the V-CARE sequence does not admit students in the spring or summer semesters. All three steps in the application process must be completed by 5:00PM on the deadline for the application term.

N SOAR Application Open Deadline to Apply
Fall 2015 December 1, 2014 March 16, 2015

Important: While the College of Nursing will do its best to match students to clinical sites by their geographical location, we cannot guarantee placement. Students may be placed at a clinical facility within 2 hours driving distance from The USF Tampa Campus, and are expected to have proper transportation to and from clinical sites.

MECP/NECP Applicants

Our VBSN degree meets Military Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP or NECP) requirements. Applicant decisions are made by the end of March, which ensures time to meet MECP/NECP board deadlines. Admitted students will receive an acceptance letter and a projected degree completion plan which they will submit as part of their applications to the MECP or NECP Selection Board.

Please be aware of the following:

We strongly recommend that students apply for general admission to USF Undergraduate Admissions at least two months before they plan to apply to the College of Nursing, as it can take Undergraduate Admissions up to six weeks to determine admission decisions to the university. Students must first be accepted to USF in order to apply to the College of Nursing. They will then be assigned a U-number which they will need to complete the SOAR application. Students should apply to the university ONLY for the semester they will begin taking classes at USF. Students who do not intend to take classes prior to the start of the VBSN degree should apply to the Fall semester.

Nursing Mandatory Orientation Dates:

All undergraduate students must attend the mandatory College of Nursing Orientation & Pre-Immersion Orientation. Students should plan activities accordingly in regards to the Nursing Orientation Dates. Students who cannot attend the orientations will forfeit their seat in the program.

Fall 2015 Admits
Friday July 10, 2015 Nursing Student Orientation 7am – 5pm
Friday August 14, 2015 Pre-Immersion Program 8am – 4pm