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Second Degree Sequence

Admission Requirements

The Second Degree sequence allows students who have already received a bachelor's degree in another field to receive a bachelor’s of science degree with a major in nursing. This sequence offers courses at the Tampa campus and is typically completed in four consecutive semesters (after pre-requisites). Graduates may then take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

The Second Degree sequence is limited access, and admission is competitive. Applicants must meet the following requirements before applying for the Second Degree Sequence:

  • Acceptance at the USF Tampa Undergraduate admissions office as a pre-nursing student. (Students must have USF Tampa Campus as the home campus.) An overall GPA of 3.00 or higher on all undergraduate work

  • Bachelor's Degree completed from an accredited institution (Regionally). Degree must be conferred prior to the application deadline and intended term of entry to USF

  • Completion of pre-requisite courses by the application deadline for the intended term of entry (listed below, with USF equivalencies). A grade of ‘C’ or better is required:

    • Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4) BSC 2085/L
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4) BSC 2086/L
    • Any three credit class in Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, or Physics (3) - (CHMXXXX, BCHXXXX, BSCXXXX, PHYXXXX, or PCBXXXX)
    • Life Span (Human Growth and Development) (3) - DEP 2004
    • Human Nutrition (3) - HUN 2201
    • Microbiology with lab (4) - MCB 2000/L
    • Statistics (3) STA 2122
    • Psychology (3) (PSYXXXX, SYGXXXX, or SOPXXXX)
  • Students will be considered only if all of the above criteria is met. Admission is based on cumulative GPA, first-attempt grades in pre-requisites, and a writing sample identifying students motivations for nursing, plans for academic success, and relevant leadership, volunteer, or work experience to nursing.

For More Information:

The College of Nursing Office of Undergraduate Programs offers prospective students a number of ways to get more information about our programs. Please click on the links below to find the best way to get your questions answered:

MECP/NECP Applicants

Military Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP or NECP) students may be given provisional admission up to one semester prior to nursing program entry provided they complete the pre-requisite requirements, apply and are admitted to the College of Nursing.

Application to the College of Nursing is a 2-step process that requires an application to USF and an application to the College of Nursing.

Students interested in provisional admission or a letter must have their application complete and reviewed during the Summer nursing application period (around January 1 – March 1). If admitted, you may defer admission up to one semester (Fall) to meet commissioning time requirements.

If you apply for the Summer term you will receive an admission decision mid - to - late March and we will allow you to defer admission to the Fall semester. If you are deployed or otherwise assigned and unable to attend in the Fall semester, you would be required to contact our Undergraduate Admission advisor, to assist you with any special arrangements for future attendance.

Please see the following website to successfully complete the application process:

Please be aware of the following:

We strongly recommend that students apply for general admission to USF Undergraduate Admissions (step 1) about two months before you plan to apply to the College of Nursing (step 2). It can take Undergraduate Admissions up to six weeks to determine admission decisions. You must be accepted to USF first in order to apply directly to the College of Nursing.

If a student is provisionally accepted, a letter stating this will be sent to the student along with a projected degree completion plan. These are to be submitted by the student as part of the application to the MECP Selection Board.