Non-Degree Seeking Students

Application Process and Deadlines

Application Process :

Applicants who meet the admission requirements may follow these steps in order to apply:

  1. Submit a USF Non-Degree Application
  2. Submit a non-degree seeking application to the Office of the Registrar, see their website for more information.

  3. Submit a College of Nursing Application
  4. Complete the on-line College of Nursing application at For questions contact: University of South Florida College of Nursing (813) 974-2191 or

    Please note: A U-number is required in order to submit the College of Nursing application. Individuals who have completed step 1 (applied to USF admissions) will receive an email from USF on how to access their U-number within 48 hours. Once a U-number is established, it may take an additional 48 hours for the USF system to upload to the Nursing system. Therefore, individuals should allow up to 4 days after applying to USF before attempting to apply to the College of Nursing.

  5. Receive notification from the Registrar of clearance as a Non-Degree seeking student. 

  6. Submit additional documentation
  7. All required documentation should be sent directly to the College of Nursing, 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC 22, Attn: Nursing Graduate Admissions, Tampa, FL 33612.

    The required documentation for College of Nursing non-degree applications includes: official transcripts and supplemental documentation as proof of eligibility to enroll in a non-degree course. If applying to take Masters level courses, submit Bachelors transcript. If applying to take Doctoral level courses, submit Masters transcript. Applicants are required to have a Florida RN license in good standing. All documentation must be received by the deadline in order for applications to be considered.

    All coursework and degrees completed outside the United States require a course by course evaluation from an approved evaluating agency. The foreign transcript evaluation services approved by the USF Graduate School can be found at: Please note that the Florida Board of Nursing maintains its own list of approved evaluating agencies. The Florida Board of Nursing approved agency list can be found at: Transcript evaluations must be received at the College of Nursing in their original sealed envelopes by the deadlines posted below.

  8. Receive notification by email from the College of Nursing on seat availability in the class you requested or continue to check OASIS for a permit. 

  9. Go to the OASIS and register for a class. 

  10. Pay fees through the University Cashier’s Office, see their website for available payment options and more information.
Application Deadlines :

See the Office of the Registrar, Non-Degree Admission page for information.

Please note: Students who do not meet the criteria and are denied admission may submit a petition to the College of Nursing Student Affairs Committee. Submitting a petition is a request for consideration and the decision of the committee is final.