Master's Concentrations

Family Health Nursing


Total credit hours: 52

A Family Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse with a graduate degree in nursing that is prepared for advanced practice with individuals and families throughout the life span and across the health continuum. This practice includes independent and interdependent decision-making and direct accountability for clinical judgment. Graduate preparation expands the comprehensiveness of the FNP role to include participation in and use of research development and implementation of health policy, leadership, education, case management and consultation.

A Master’s College of Nursing Comprehensive Examination is required at the end of the program.

For Master's students without a BS in Nursing, additional bridge coursework will be required.

Course Code Title Credits Clock Hours
NGR 6002C Advanced Health Assessment Across the Lifespan 4
NGR 6064C Advanced Diagnostics and Procedures 3
NGR 6152 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology 4
NGR 6172 Pharmacology for Advanced Nurse Practitioner 4
NGR 6638 Health Promotion, Clinical Prevention, & Pop Health for Advanced Nursing 3
NGR 6733 Organization & System Leadership & Quality Improvement for Advanced Practice Nursing 3
NGR 6803 Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3
NGR 6893 Systems and Populations in Healthcare 3
NGR 6207C Health Management of Adults & Older Adults I 6 180
NGR 6244C Health Management of Adults & Older Adults II 6 180
NGR 6301C Primary Care of Children and Adolescents I 6 180
NGR 6342 Primary Care of Childbearing Family 1
NGR 6342L Primary Care of Childbearing Family: Practicum 1 60
NGR 6613C Health Management of Families: Special Topics 5 180
Total 52 720

As approved by Graduate Council 04/16/2012, effective Fall 2012.