College of Nursing

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist


Total credit hours: 72

The curriculum is composed of the didactic phase (first twelve months) and the clinical phase (last sixteen months). Classes contain the principles and practices in all applications of anesthesia. This concentration is independent of the USF academic calendar. Some weekend, night and 24-hour rotations will be required during the clinical phase.

A Master’s College of Nursing Comprehensive Examination is required at the end of the program.

For Master's students without a BS in Nursing, additional bridge coursework will be required.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Term Offered Term Planned
Semester One
NGR 6440L Nurse Anesthesia Simulation Lab I 2 FA FA
NGR 6002C Advanced Health Assessment Across the Lifespan 4 FA FA
NGR 6404 Anatomy Physiology for Nurse Anesthesia 3 FA FA
NGR 6400 Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia 3 FA FA
NGR 6460 Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia I 3 FA FA
Semester Two
NGR 6152 Physiology and Advanced Pathophysiology 4 SP SP
NGR 6157 Physiology and Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthetists II 5 SP SP
NGR 6424 Principles for Nurse Anesthesia 3 SP SP
NGR 6441L Nurse Anesthesia Simulation Lab II 2 SP SP
Semester Three
NGR 6422 Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Throughout the Life Span 3 SU SU alt
NGR 7848 Fundamentals of Statistics for Clinicians 3 SU SU alt
NGR 6442L Nurse Anesthesia Simulation Lab III 2 SU Su alt
NGR 6420 Foundations and Methods of Nurse Anesthesia Practice 4 SU SU alt
Semester Four
NGR 6423 Principles for Cardiothoracic Nurse Anesthesia 3 FA FA
NGR 6431 Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Residency I 4 FA FA
NGR 6803 Research and Evidence Based Practice 3 FA FA
NGR 6929 Clinical Correlational Conferences 1 FA FA
Semester Five
NGR 6432 Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Residency II 4 SP SP
NGR 6929 Clinical Correlational Conferences 1 SP SP
NGR 6492 Nurse Anesthesia Role Development 3 SP SP
Semester Six
NGR 6433 Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Residency III 4 SU SU alt
NGR 6929 Clinical Correlation Conferences 1 SU SU alt
Semester Seven
NGR 6434 Nurse Anesthesia Clinical Residency IV 4 FA FA
NGR 6929 Clinical Correlational Conferences 1 FA FA
NGR 6491 Nurse Anesthesia Practice Comprehensive 2 FA FA

As approved by Graduate Council 04/16/2012, effective Fall 2012.