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Welcome from the Directors

The USF NSC is an ambitious program designed to accelerate progress in USF neuroscience research by promoting new campus-wide collaborations among USF faculty, as well as with partners outside of the University. These new relationships will certainly advance scientific knowledge, and many of them will also translate into new therapies for a wide array of previously untreatable and devastating diseases of the nervous system.

Clifton L. Gooch
M.D., F.A.A.N.
David Diamond
In addition to serving as a national model for academic collaboration, this program will help create new virtual translational research centers, which will successfully bridge the varied institutions within USF and provide a new critical mass of neuroscience talent through collaboration. We welcome you to make use of the resources on this site to further your own academic collaborations and research efforts, and we thank you for being a part of the thriving world of neuroscience research at USF.

Message from Provost Wilcox and Dean Klasko

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Dean KlaskoUSF Health is committed to the vision of USF as a leader among national and global institutions. One of our particular strengths is our commitment to forging innovated, networked enterprises which span not only our University and Tampa Bay, but also our state, the country and the world. Many of these endeavors will ultimately redefine medical care, education and scientific research for the twenty first century.

The USF Neuroscience Collaborative is a perfect example of how USF is simultaneously leveraging the tremendous talents and resources of our faculty, while also drafting a creative blueprint for how things can work better for academic institutions everywhere to follow. Initiatives like the USF NSC are rapidly transforming USF into an international leader in the Neurosciences and making our reputation as a leader in creating innovative academic models. We look forward to ever more progress as we combine our substantial faculty resources to take us to ever greater heights. - Dean Klasko


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