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    Clinical Course Information
RN to BSN Community Clinical (NUR 4636L)

Course Description:
The course provides clinical learning experiences in community-based sites in both urban and rural settings. Focuses on nursing care designed to prevent and/ or reduce risk of disease and injury, promote health and wellness, and to diverse populations across the age spectrum.

Portfolio Option:
Students who have a minimum of 90 hours of experience in community/public health and are able to document attainment of all the course objectives may be eligible for the portfolio option to meet the NUR 4636L clinical course requirements. Please refer to the Portfolio Guidelines for more information. Portfolio Guidelines

Request for Clinical Placement:
Students should submit a Request for a Clinical Placement when they register for the clinical course. The link appears on OASIS.

Due Dates for Request for Clinical Placement: (dates subject to change)
Summer: February 27, 2009
Fall: February 27, 2009
Spring: October 15, 2009