Denise J. Maguire, PhD, RN-BC, CNL
Assistant Professor
E-mail: Voicemail:(813) 396-9962
Research Interests
  • Neonatal skin care

Latest Studies
  • " Principal Investigator, “The Clinical Collaborative Clinical Teaching Model”, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evaluating Innovations in Nursing Education Program; 
  • Principal Investigator, "Evaluating the effectiveness of an online writing tutorial system on nursing student writing".

Recent Publications
  • Maguire, D. When a perfect baby is no more, In Zaichkin, J (Ed.), Newborn intensive care: What every parent needs to know, (2nded.). Santa Rosa, CA: NICU Ink. In press;
  • Maguire, D., & Wisniewski, S. (2002). Risks of methemoglobinemia and skin breakdown with the use of chlorhexidine in very low birth weight infants, Biological Research for Nursing, 4, (1), p 66-67, abstract.

Educational Background
  • PhD (Nursing), 2000, University of Florida
  •  MS (Parent-Child Nursing), Boston University
  • BS (Nursing), Niagara University