John M. Clochesy, RN, PhD, CS, FAAN, FCCM
Faculty Mentorship Program Director
E-mail: Voicemail:(813) 974-7460
Research Interests
  • Empowering patients to reduce health disparities
  • Simulation and virtual reality to support health providers and consumers
  • Culturally relevant curriculum and instruction

Recent Publications
  • Weeks KW, Clochesy JM, Hutton M & Moseley L. (2012). A UK & USA proof of concept evaluation of the relationship between exposure to authentic and didactic transmission learning environments and nursing students' medication dosage calculation problem solving skill construction. Nurse Education in Practice, 12, .
  • Weeks KW, Higginson R& Clochesy JM. (2012). Veni, Vidi, Duci: a grounded theory evaluation of nursing student's medication dosage calculation problem-solving schemata construction. Nurse Education in Practice, 12, .
  • Weeks KW, Hutton M & Clochesy JM. (2012). Authenticity, building knowledge & skills and competency assessment: The ABC of safe medication dosage calculation problem-solving pedagogy. Nurse Education in Practice, 12, .
  • Hickman RL, Daly BJ, Douglas SL, & Clochesy JM. (2010). Informational coping style and depressive symptoms in family decision makers. American Journal of Critical Care, 19, 410-420.
  • Kameg K, Howard VM, Clochesy J, Mitchell AM & Suresky JM. (2010). The impact of high fidelity human simulation on self-efficacy of communication skills. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 31, 315-323.
  • Clochesy JM & Mayes A. (2009). Cumulative privilege: Exploring our choices to live in and out of privilege. Diversity Factor, 17(1).
  • Kameg K, Mitchell AM, Clochesy J, Howard VM & Suresky J. (2009). Communication and human patient simulation in psychiatric nursing. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 30, 503-508.

Educational Background
  • PhD (Nursing), Case Western Reserve University
  • MA (Psychology/Diversity Management), Cleveland State University
  • MS (Medical-Surgical Nursing), University of Wisconsin
  • BSN (Nursing and Social Work), Marian University