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Registered Nurse with Associate's to Master's Degree (MS)
The College of Nursing at the University of South Florida offers a master's program leading to a Master of Science (MS) with a major in Nursing. The RN/MS option allows the RN with an associate’s degree in nursing to earn a master's degree in nursing. Students take 18 credits of undergraduate courses before applying for the MS program. Students in this program will graduate with only the MS degree. Students who wish to graduate with both the MS and BS degrees must meet all USF baccalaureate degree requirements including foreign language. The master's program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).
Admission Requirements:
  • Completed associate degree/diploma program in nursing
  • Minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 prior to entrance into undergraduate transition courses and minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 as of the semester transitioning into Master’s courses
  • Evidence of current Florida RN licensure in good standing
  • Meet the university requirements for Foreign language (only applies to those wishing to earn a BS in addition to the MS)
  • Submit a USF Undergraduate Admissions application (select Nursing as a major)
  • Submit a College of Nursing application (select NASUG as the program)
  • Submit a second College of Nursing application in the semester you are completing all bachelor’s transition courses (select NASGR as the program)
    • MS transition application must be approved by an advisor before submission
  • Earn a B or better in each nursing prerequisite
  • Complete program prerequisite courses with not more than two (2) repeated courses and not more than one (1) repeat of any given course.
  • Fulfill College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) requirement
Prior to enrolling in the nursing curriculum students must:
Prerequisite Requirements (Credits):
  • English Composition I and II (6)
  • Chemistry (4)
  • Gordon Rule Math (Algebra or Finite Math preferred) (3)
  • Life Span (Human Growth and Development) (3)
  • Sociology (3)
  • Statistics (3)
  • Microbiology (4)
  • Nutrition (HUN 2201) (3)
  • Anatomy & Physiology I and II (8)
  • Psychology (3)

Community College Equivalencies

Other USF Requirements:
  • Fine Arts (3)
  • Historical Perspective (6)
  • African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and Asian Perspectives (3)
  • Liberal Arts (6-8)
Exit Requirements (Upper Level) - 6 hours of upper-level exit credits are required:
  • Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nursing/Health Care (3) meets three credits of the requirement
  • Nursing electives may meet the additional exit requirements contact advisor for specific options
Students with a Florida Community College AA degree (other than in nursing) will be considered to have met all of the USF Liberal Arts requirements but also must meet specific college requirements. Students in Florida Community Colleges can obtain information about equivalent courses from advisors or by viewing the equivalencies at Community Colleges within the USF service area. Students are required to meet the university requirement for Foreign language.
RN to MS Transition Courses
  • Completion of Transition Courses - 18 hours of baccalaureate nursing course:
    • NUR3805 Educational Transitions for RNs (3)
    • NUR3064 Physical Examination & Assessment (2)
    • NUR3064L Clinical Experience in Health Assessment for RNs (1)
    • NUR4165 Nursing Inquiry (3)
    • NUR4636 Community/Public Health: Population-focused Nursing (3)
    • NUR4636L Community/Health Nursing Clinical for the RN (3)
    • NUR4838 Leadership & Mgmt in Professional Nursing Practice (3)
RN to Masters Application Checklist

  1. Submit a USF Undergraduate Admissions Application (select Nursing as a major). Please see for USF admissions deadlines.
  2. Submit a College of Nursing application
    • Complete the on-line College of Nursing application at (select NASUG as the program)


    • Complete College of Nursing Health Form
    • Have proof of health insurance
    • Have current American Heart Association BLSC CPR certification

    College of Nursing RN to MS Application Deadlines:
    Spring – Nov 1
    Summer – March 30
    Fall – July 1

  3. Submit a College of Nursing Transition application during the semester you complete all undergraduate transition courses. Please see Nursing Advisor.
  4. Submit the following documents to the College of Nursing, 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC 22, Tampa, FL 33612:
Students in this 5-year program will graduate with only an MS degree. If the student has met the foreign language requirement, a BS degree will also be conferred.
How to Apply
Directions: Complete an online application to the College of Nursing and a USF undergraduate application
Note: Provide evidence of current licensure by recording the Florida RN license on the application where indicated.

For the Undergraduate Online Information Session Video click here