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Admissions Information
Ph.D. Master's International Students


Sophonie Belval

Name: Sophonie Belval
Pursuing a Biotechnolgy Master's degree at the University of South Florida was one of the best decisions I have made in my academic career. The program allows the opportunity for a well-rounded experience including an extensive scientific training through a mandatory internship and the liberty to thoroughly analyze the legal, social, and economical aspects of the biotechnology industry. Additionally, the program offers graduate seminars and the opportunity to conduct directed research with some of the brilliant sciencists of our time. My overall experience has given me numerous possibilities to gain invaluable skills for the betterment of my future. I would recommend this program to anyone thinking of a future in the biotechnology field and beyond.

Ashwani Sharma

Name: Ashwani Sharma
I was waiting for something different, something that would integrate business courses into a more scientific program. Masters of Biotech program at the University of South Florida, Tampa provides the chance for cutting edge scientific training in addition to real world exposure to the biotech industry. More importantly, it is well tailored for those who are entering the field of biotech. I strongly believe that this program is better to gear one in the right path.

Aangel Via

Name: Angela Via
“The PSM Program in Biotechnology at USF has given me broader knowledge of the biotechnology industry, including aspects outside of the biological realm. I believe this will allow me to be more successful no matter which area of biotechnology I find my career in. I have refined my interests through course projects and found exactly what I want to spend my time on. I’ve always heard the most successful people have a career doing what they love to do. This program has allowed me to fine tune my interests and put me in contact with people working in those areas. As a student in this program, I have been offered an internship with a company whose focus matches my primary interest. Now I have a clear path and the connections I need so that I can achieve my career goals. I am very excited about the doors that have opened because I chose this program!”

Ashraf Dehlaw

Name: Ashraf Dehlaw
"After being out of school for quite a while and enduring the complexities and benefits" "of life in a professional career in biomedical sciences and healthcare, the time had come" "to evolve even more academically, technically and professionally. The PSM in Biotechnology at USF has provided me with just that. I am so grateful for the advice I received that lead me to make the decision to pursue my graduate education in Biotechnology, as it has exposed me to interesting experiences both academically and technically that I will carry with me into my professional career looking forward. The internship component is invaluable in preparing me for a future career that lies ahead, in one of the most promising fields of our time." "The opportunity to visit and interact with the Biotechnology industry in multiple" "settings and as a component of various courses in the program opened my eyes to what is really out there, and the positive affect this kind of education would have on my knowledge, skills and abilities. These site visits also provided me with ability to" "network and build connections with the job market even before graduation. It is a program I highly recommend for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and skills to prepare for an ever evolving scientific" "environment, with very lucrative and promising careers.”"

Derek Redmon

Name: Derek Redmon
“The PSM in Biotechnology was a perfect way to bridge the gap between my undergraduate degree in Biology and my aspirations for higher education. The program was taught in a very interdisciplinary manner allowing me to garner expertise from multiple industry individuals, each with unique perspectives. For me, this was one of the best attributes of the biotechnology master’s program, as learning often translates differently for each individual. Thus, having varied instructors allowed me to understand each critical component that makes up the Biotechnology industry. From here, I feel very prepared to pursue any aspect of employment, whether it be industry or academic related.”

Josue D. Moran

Name: Josue D. Moran
“Enrolling in USF’s PSM Biotechnology program is the best academic"
"decision I have ever made. Like many students, I did not know what"
"existed beyond the realm of professional schools such as pharmacy or dentistry. USF’s PSM program does well to fill in the possible career paths available to science students. The program draws not only from academic leaders in the College of Medicine but also executives from the biotechnology sector; a combination seldom experienced in other graduate programs. Prospective students can expect a diverse curriculum tailored to each student’s career goals. Students also benefit from the valuable mentorship and insight offered by the PSM director - a key component to the programs success. The combination of graduate level science courses, seminars and conferences places the PSM program head and shoulders above other graduate programs. Whether it is in industry or academia, the PSM program has a well-respected" "network of contacts across the Tampa Bay area. One of the most favorable components of the program is the internship. My interest in industry drew me to intern at Accentia Biopharmaceuticals – my second best" "academic decision ever. Because of the PSM’s broad course selection, I was well positioned to handle tasks relating to biochemistry, immunology, patents and even clinical trials. Consequently, after graduation Accentia" "Biopharmaceuticals offered me a full time position in their Tampa office. I would not have otherwise been afforded this opportunity had it not been for the PSM program and the director. I never imagined myself" "working for a biotechnology company or even academia. But now, thanks to USF’s PSM Biotechnology program I cannot imagine a career outside industry or the university.”"

Oluwakemi Phillips

Name: Oluwakemi Phillips
"After obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Molecular Biology, I found myself thrown into an industry with no idea about market trends, business models, or how to develop my skills set in order to become a competitive candidate in my field. The PSM program at USF exposed me to many internship opportunities, which allowed me to truly focus my interests. I was able to obtain a highly rewarding internship involving the study of aging and neurodegenerative diseases using different cell models. The research experience was like no other and allowed me to become a truly independent scientist distinguishing me from others and allowing me to collaborate and network with many notable scientists at USF. The PSM program also expanded my knowledge of the biotechnology field specifically concerning various business and scientific aspects involving laboratories on a small and large industrial scale. This is critical in order stay at the forefront of the ever-changing field of biotechnology. The PSM program, thanks to the Program Director and faculty, have created a competitive program that is focused primarily on providing an environment that not only focuses on developing ones individual career path but ensuring that we have the industry tools needed in order to pursue the highly competitive positions in the field of our choice.”

Reem Al-Gassimi

Name: Reem Al-Gassimi
I never thought that this PSM program would be such an amazing program until I enrolled in it. I had my doubts at the beginning, but as I progressed in the program I became confident that this is the program I can rely on for a bright future. The program is designed to raise your knowledge to a high level of education in many different areas of science that will give you the edge in a highly competitive world. The flexibility in choosing the desired elective courses and the chance of interacting with representatives from actual reputable organizations working in the biotech industries was the greatest part in this program. This is what I really wanted to get the professional knowledge I will need in the near future.

Senko Ramadurau

Name: Senko Ramadurau,
ďThe PSM Biotechnology Program at USF is a perfect blend of science, Business and Technology. The university has very good Ties with the surrounding companies. I firmly believe that the courses offered by the department helped me get into GlaxoSmithKlineĒ

Shane Judge

Name: Shane Judge
"ďAfter several years in the workforce, I became increasingly frustrated with the" "sense of being so overwhelmed and unsatisfied with the limited number of career" "opportunities. It was very apparent that a change was necessary for improving my career options. This led me back to school in search of an education that would strengthen and expand my resume. This is why my acceptance to the Professional Science Masterís Program in Biotechnology in Fall of 2011, was one of my most prized academic accomplishments."

"The programís curriculum is specifically designed to include a strong graduate education in biological, chemical, engineering, health and computer sciences, while also incorporating a variety of non-science related courses, such as business, law and ethics. This provides a well-versed educational experience that I believe is""essential for achieving and maintaining a career that is both viable and professional. The programís feature of providing a diverse spectrum of classes is one that I find to be invaluable. This not only gives me a sense of independence and accommodation, but also provides me with the insight essential for determining which field of science is really best fitting for me. The programís unique characteristics of having smaller class sizes, an involvement with an internship, and direct interactions with local industries have made this the best educational experience I have ever had."

"I cannot emphasize enough how much I value the resources provided by the Masterís program of" "Biotechnology, and how excited I am for continuing the path that I have started. Considering all of the numerous advantages given, I am confident I will be fully prepared for a satisfying and fulfilling career. I" "highly recommend the Professional Science Masterís Program in Biotechnology"""

Judge Shane

Name: Judge Shane
I could not be more satisfied with the PSM in Biotechnology Program. The curriculum gave me a view into what types of careers exist in the field of science I donít think I could have attained in any other program. The integration of science, law and ethics in the courses really gave me an insight into how the entire process from idea/discovery to application in the field occurs. What I learned in the program not only gave me the desire to pursue a PhD, but also equipped me with the tools I needed. The faculty and staff associated with the program are very helpful and truly want you to succeed.Ē

Ashraf D. Meghan G. Angela V. Marina B.

Company Name: Morphogenisis
Morphogenesis, Inc., a cell and gene therapy company based in Tampa, FL, has committed to working with the University of South Florida (USF) Department of Molecular Medicine Professional Science Masters (PSM) students for both the Biotechnology and Bioinformatics programs to expose their graduate students to cutting edge science through "hands-on" research. These students, from all over the world, spend a significant amount of time at Morphogenesis on projects ranging from cancer vaccine development to taking basic research into the clinical trial arena.

Each student is introduced to Morphogenesis' projects and then assigned to a specific area based on their interests. These assigned tasks help to develop not only scientific and technical research skills but also expose the students to essential administrative, management and regulatory experiences that are key in today's biotechnology industry and job market. This has ultimately set the USF PSM programs apart from other similar degrees.

To date, Morphogenesis has mentored 22 USF PSM students through their internship program, an accomplishment that the entire Morphogenesis Team is proud of. The Company is constantly searching for ways to give back to the community, and helping shape the scientific minds of tomorrow is one of the most satisfying.

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