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Admissions Information
Ph.D. Master's International Students

The Women’s Health concentration, within the Master’s Program in Medical Sciences, has been developed to provide an innovative interdisciplinary study for issues of women’s health. The program integrates several disciplines, including biochemistry, molecular biology, oncology, physiology, aging, regenerative medicine and gender medicine to provide a solid medically-relevant foundation. The rigorous course work and elective research component allow students to demonstrate their academic ability for future graduate or professional programs and promotes the broad intellectual focus required of health-care professionals.

The program provides future doctors, researchers and health care professionals solid training in basic and applied biomedical sciences. The research component of the program allows the students the option to engage in basic science or clinical research with some of the most prominent mentors in the field. The 32 credit hour course work encompass an interdisciplinary approach that includes women’s physical, mental, and psychological health, as well as the politics of women’s health. The program is designed to be completed within one-year and prepare the students to engage in several medical, social, and professional careers in health, with a special training in women’s health issues.

Total program hours: 32 credit hours minimum 

  • GMS 7930 Medicine and Gender (3cr)*
  • GMS 6101 Molecular/Cellular Immunology (3cr)
  • PHC 6532 Women's Health Issues (3cr)
  • Elective (3cr) or Directed Research

  • GMS 6452 001 Clinical Nutrition (3cr) *
  • GMS 6334 Pathobiology of Human Cancer (3cr)
  • GMS 7930 The Business Side of Medicine (3cr)
  • Elective Independent Study in Medical Sciences (3cr)

  • GMS 6871 Health Sciences Ethics (2cr) *
  • PCH 6050 Biostatistics (3cr)
  • Elective (3cr) or Directed Research

  • GMS 6505 Basic Medical Anatomy Online (3cr)
  • GMS 6201 Basic Medical Biochemistry Online (3cr)
  • GMS 6016 Basic Medical Genetics Online (3cr)
  • GMS 6334 Pathobiology of Human Cancer (3cr)
  • GMS 6870 Medical Ethics & Humanities (3cr- also included in 1st year MD curriculum)
  • PHC 6050 Biostatistics (3cr)
  • GMS 7930 The Business Side of Medicine (3cr)
  • GMS 6505 Basic Medical Pharmacology Online (3cr)
  • GMS 6141 Basic Immunology/Microbiology Online (3 cr)
  • GMS 6908 Medical Sciences Independent Study (3cr)
  • GMS 7930 The Business of Womenís Health (3cr)
  • BCH 6411 Biomedical Genomics & Genetics (4cr)
  • PHC 6532 Women's Health Issues (3cr)
  • GMS 6513 Principles in Pharmacology and Therapeutics (3cr)
  • GMS 6461 Physiology/Pharmacology (5cr)
  • GMS 6101 Molecular/Cellular Immunology (3cr)
  • BCH 6746 Proteomics & Structural Bio (3cr)

Additional electives must have written prior approval.

* Required core courses


Admissions and general information, please contact:

  Program Director/Advisor:
Emily Boyko
Admissions Officer

Dr. Mark McLean
Phone: 813-259-2875

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