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Admissions Information
Ph.D. Master's International Students

Pharmacology is the science of drug action on biological systems and embraces knowledge of the sources, chemical properties, biological effects and therapeutic uses of drugs. It is a science that is basic not only to medicine, but also to pharmacy, nursing, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Pharmacological studies range from those that determine the effects of chemical agents upon sub-cellular mechanisms, to those that deal with the potential hazards of pesticides and herbicides, to those that focus on the treatment and prevention of major diseases by drug therapy. Pharmacologists are also involved in molecular modeling of drugs, and the use of drugs as tools to dissect aspects of cell function. The Pharmacology concentration within the Medical Sciences Master’s Program, has been developed to provide a concentrated program of study that is designed for students interested in either future doctoral or professional programs. The program combines an “in-depth” study of pharmacology with an introduction to several related disciplines, including biochemistry and molecular biology, physiology, neuroscience and medical ethics. In addition, students critically examine the literature to increase awareness of modern pharmacological research. Graduates of the program will have developed expertise and experience in all aspects of pharmacology and neuropharmacology and will be able to apply these skills in a variety of educational and healthcare settings. The rigorous program allows students to demonstrate their full academic ability for future graduate programs or medical school. The program promotes the broad intellectual focus required of future graduate students in the pharmacological sciences or other health-care professions by providing courses that integrate modern teaching methods with extensive student participation that are designed to improve their oral and presentation skills which are critical to their future professional development.

CURRICULUM (31 credit hours)

  • GMS 6001 Foundations in Biomedical Sciences (6 hrs)
  • GMS 6091 Ethics & Skills in Research (1 hr)
  • GMS 6513 Principles in Pharmacology and Therapeutics (3 hrs)
  • GMS 6511 Current Literature in Pharmacology (1 hr)  
  • GMS 6091 Ethics & Skills in Research (1 hr)
  • GMS 6461 Systems Physiology and Pharmacology (5 hrs)
  • GMS 6511 Current Literature in Pharmacology (1 hr)
  • GMS 6020 Neuroscience (5 hrs)
  • GMS 6514 Neuropharmacology (3 hrs)
  • GMS 7910 Directed Research (3 hrs)

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