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Admissions Information
Ph.D. Master's International Students

Admission Requirements - click here

2015 Application Deadlines - click here Admissions FAQ - click here

Important: You will need to submit TWO separate applications

Applicants will first need to complete the online graduate admissions application. After the online graduate admissions application has been submitted, you will need to submit a supplemental application to the College of Medicine.

In an effort to be fair to all our applicants, our admissions committee will not review any applicant without a complete application or inform a prospective applicant if they are competitive. All applications are holistically reviewed by the admissions committee. If you do not meet the suggested minimum admission criteria, you can still apply and your application will be reviewed. This policy is to ensure equality and objectivity in our admissions process.

We are now accepting applications for the fall 2015 semester!


Primary Application Package

  • Graduate Application for Admissions (click here)
    • Select "Medical Sciences". Pre-Professional applicants will select Medical Sciences (MSMS) without the concentration.

    • If you want a to pursue a concentration, please select ‘Medical Science” plus your first choice concentration

    • If your MCAT test did not include the written portion, in order to bypass the technical issue with the MCAT written portion in the primary application, the applicant can select any score on the primary application for the written section. The Admissions Committee will make a decision based on the print out document you provide in the secondary application

IMPORTANT: Do NOT submit Supplemental Application Credentials (official transcripts, essay, letters of recommendation, personal statement, etc) to the online graduate admissions application. These documents must be sent to the College of Medicine, NOT admissions. Failure to do this could result in a 3-4 week delay.

Questions about the Graduate Admissions Application, or Residency Qualifications, please call Graduate Admissions at 813-974-8800.
Secondary Application Medical Sciences (SAMS)

All of the following items including test scores and transcripts must be submitted in one package by June 1, 2015.

  • Coversheet/Checklist Word

  • Official Transcripts in sealed envelope
    • We only require transcripts from where your degree was, or will be, awarded.
    • If you have a graduate degree, or have taken classes as a post-baccalaureate student, please submit those transcripts as well.
    • USF students and alumni are not required to send official transcripts.
  • Typed Graduate Program Application Word
  • Completed Science GPA Calculator Excel
    • We require you to include all sections (I and II) of Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics. Please do not include lab or math courses in the Science GPA Calculator. You may also include courses in anatomy, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, botany, cell biology, ecology, entomology, genetics, histology, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, physiology, physical chemistry, molecules and cells, astronomy, physics, and thermodynamics.

  • Personal Statement (1-2 pages) describing personal interests and goals
    • Statements used/intended for professional schools (i.e. Ph.D., MD, DDS, etc.) may be used

  • Résumé

  • 2 Letters of Recommendations
    (any combination of letters or evaluation forms Word )
    • Evaluation forms are not required if letters are available
    • Evaluation forms may be used in lieu of letters
    • Recommendations should come from faculty or other professional familiar with applicant's academic performance or professional potential
    • Letters of recommendation through a committee evaluation or an agency (i.e. Interfolio) may be used in lieu of evaluation forms
    • Previous letters intended for professional schools will be accepted
    • This office is not a part of USF medical school admissions and does not have access to previously submitted letters
    • We prefer that letters are sent within your package to ensure your package arrives complete instead of in pieces. However, if your recommenders do not want to hand over their letters, then letters may be submitted separately to our physical address below or e-mailed to Your U NUMBER should be included on letters sent separately so that we can match your letter to your application!

  • GRE, DAT OR MCAT Test Scores
    • Official GRE (General Test) scores should be sent through ETS to Graduate Admissions (school code: 5828). Please send an unofficial copy of your test scores from ETS in your secondary application package.
    • MCAT scores should be printed from the AAMC THx Report System and included in your secondary application package. We will verify your scores with the AAMC using your AAMC ID and Verification Code.
    • Request that an official copy of the DAT scores be sent to College of Medicine (see address below). If you do not have an official copy of your DAT scores, please include an unofficial copy of your DAT scores in your secondary application package. We will accept an unofficial copy of your DAT scores for admission review until the official score arrives.

  • International Applicants must submit additional information
    (see below)

Please submit all the above documentation in one package to:

USF College of Medicine
Graduate Affairs-MS Admissions
12901 Bruce B. Downs, MDC 40
Tampa, FL 33612

Due to the high volume of applications that need to be processed, please do not request status updates on your application if your application is complete. All applications will be under review until we fill the class, which could take until August. When a decision has been made, we will contact you via e-mail with an acceptance notification. If you have cause for concern that your application may be incomplete, please e-mail Thank you for your interest in our program!

Students applying to the following concentrations: IMS, Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine, Athletic Training and Clinical & Translational Research, please consult with the concentration’s website for specific application procedure information.

USF Health ·College of Medicine, 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.,MDC BOX 40Tampa, FL 33612 Ph. 813-974-4181
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